Kreator has been operating in the clothing market since 1986. Currently, the company employs over 120 people. Over 35 years of experience in the industry has resulted in achieving a leading position in the uniform clothing market in Poland, as well as the implementation of numerous projects for foreign clients. We specialize in the design and production of standard, service, field and specialist uniforms.
Our priority is to deliver the highest quality products on time. We base our activities on the knowledge and experience of our employees, supported by investments in technologies and modern machinery. By consciously combining automation with the craftsmanship of hand tailoring, we are able to meet various expectations of our customers.
Thanks to the implemented systems and internal rigorous quality management procedures, our products go through a whole series of control processes, from the raw material to the finished product.
We offer supplies of uniform and corporate clothing made on the basis of the provided patterns or guidelines contained in technical documents. At the same time, we are ready to serve our knowledge and experience in the field of clothing design according to customer preferences. Our task is to make a garment that will not only fit the user perfectly, but also provide comfort in everyday use. We perfectly understand that achieving this result is possible when we adjust the garment to the figure, keeping in mind its functionality. Individual construction, taking into account the needs specific to a given user, is the key to the satisfaction of our customers.
Based on our many years of experience and cooperation with various special formations, we have created our own clothing brand - DURABO.
DURABO is a durable tactical clothing of the highest quality. We stand out among Polish brands with a comprehensive approach to design and production. From A to Z, we have created all the models of trousers, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets available in our range. Our offer includes tactical clothes referring to many classic combat uniforms. Thanks to this, we use excellent ideas for practical solutions, such as numerous, comfortable pockets or adjustments.
Tactical clothing for various activities should work well both in summer and winter. To meet this challenge, we have created many clothing lines with the appropriate characteristics. Examples include a military-style winter jacket or comfy shorts. All our clothes are extremely durable, because we have used durable Cordura® fibers on their entire surface - a material that is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage. Thanks to the use of an appropriate weave of cotton fibers with Cordura® in the garment, we have achieved the optimal effect that allows for moisture management and protection against it at the same time. DURABO clothes are also extremely airy, which makes them ideal clothes for going out into the mountains, in the forest or for tactical training.
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