Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.

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As a system integrator in Aerospace, KAI has been taking the leading role in the aerospace industry in Korea. Kai has successfully developed the T-50 (Advanced Jet Trainer), KT-1 (Basic Trainer), KUH-1 SURION (Utility Helicopter), and the RQ-101 UAV SONGGOLMAE. The KF-21 (Next Generation Fighter), LAH (Light Armed Helicopter) and LCH (Light Civil Helicopter) are the growth engines at KAI, currently under development.
As a total solution provider in aerospace, KAI is further exhibiting technical excellence in the development of the Korea Multi-Purpose Satellites (KOMPSAT, ARIRANG), Compact Advanced Satellite 500 (CAS-500), SAR Satellites, and the Korea Space Launch Vehicle (KSLV-II).

After 50 years in the aerospace industry, KAI has grown into Korea's leading company with global competitiveness, achieved through bold innovations. This growth was made possible by the individuals at KAI, who believed that the passion for challenge would eventually result in world-class qualities.

Our challenge to open up a new era of sustained growth will never stop.
Business sector
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
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