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Klimawent S.A. produces:
1) modular tactical shooting ranges MoST-5 and MoST-10 (shooting lines 25, 50, 100 and 200m)
2) container shooting range MoST-2 (shooting line 25m)
3) mobile container shooting range MoST-1 (shooting line 7m) with shooting cinema
4) modular shoot house MoST SH

Our shooting ranges provide possibility of using ammunition of 3600J maximum initial energy (up to 7,62x54R mm).
Shooting ranges MoST are equipped in filtration systems which are designed by us. They guarantee the lead concentration at the limit of quantification during shooting.

The time of delivery of shooting ranges MoST is from 30 days to 270 days.

We offer also the mobile bullet traps including:
1) KMB-600 (bullet energy level up to 6600J)
2) KMR-600 (bullet energy level up to 3600J)

Our products have the certificates issued by Military Institute of Armament Technology.
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Defence infrastructure equipment
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