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JAKUSZ GROUP ( JAKUSZ Ltd., Jakusz SpaceTech Ltd.)
JAKUSZ Ltd. has been active in the international defense and security market for 37 years in the design, manufacture and implementation of:
1. land clearance systems for unexploded ordnance covering detection, on-site neutralization, collection and transportation to destruction or temporary storage, including but not limited to:
- explosion-proof containers for isolation and transport of hazardous materials resistant to detonation of explosives expressed as TNT equivalent from 20g to 10kg,
- specialized containers for temporary or permanent storage of weapons and ammunition, explosives, unexploded ordnance, other warfare agents,
2. complete modern technologies for safe destruction and recycling of various types of munitions,
3. mobile containerized data centers with ballistic and electronic eavesdropping protection.
In the field of chemical and process engineering, Jakusz Group is engaged in the development and implementation of special chemical technologies for the production of high-energy explosives and components of explosive compositions, propellants and rocket fuels (propellants). In the field of process lines, the Company offers comprehensive services including design / fabrication / completion / assembly / testing and commissioning, together with training and technical support.
The main customers of Jakusz Sp. z o.o. are: Ministries of Defense, State Administration Offices, Border Guards, Fire Departments, Police, State Protection Services, Emergency Management Institutions, Financial Institutions, Administrators of Public Utilities.
Jakusz operates on 5 continents in more than 40 countries around the world represented by more than 70 agents.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Police special equipment
Border Guards special equipment
Defence infrastructure equipment
Engineering equipment
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