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Inseqr offers modern, innovative solutions in the field of widely understood security. Inseqr sp. Z.o.o. has been operating on the market for 5 years. We are a company with Polish capital. Our clients are offered programming services, professional analyses and expertise in the field of information management, secure IT systems; we implement certified systems, assist in processes of creating and managing classified information secure systems, and provide OSINT-class tools.
Along with ongoing strategic projects for critical infrastructure entities and central state agencies in Poland, we are also developing consultancy for the application of requirements under the Law on the Protection of Classified Information and the Law on the National Cyber Security System.
Since we want to share our security knowledge with our partners, our offer includes auditing, penetration testing and documentation preparation, as well as training.
We identify threats and prepare our clients to effectively protect their infrastructure and systems from information leakage and cyber-attacks.
Our solutions are trusted by state security institutions, public administrations, local authorities and businesses. We provide services with the specific needs and expectations of our clients. We are holders of a Level II industrial security certificate, and perform services and projects covered by the Secrecy Clause.
In our team, we have experts with the highest safety certifications. Furthermore, you are welcome to collaborate on joint research and development projects.
Our key product is Quaero (Latin for seek, ask). It is a state-of-the-art analytical platform that offers the possibility to efficiently retrieve and analyse data from open sources on the Internet. The tool enables the creation of multi-user accounts, teamwork and the creation of groups with access to shared resources. The information processed in Quaero can be visualised as dynamic and multi-object graphs. Quaero allows you to:
• continuously monitor issues of interest for you,
• discover who is posting about the company, the institution in the digital media and performing black PR,
• view sentiment analysis on tweets in which the name of the company, institution appears,
• learn about the response to your activities and thus the needs of potential clients,
• observe users’ online activity - react to relevant content as it emerges.

Employing Quaero’s support, we offer clients professional analytical services, studies and reports to support strategic decision-making in institutions and companies. The tool undergoes continuous development and offers an ever-widening range of possibilities.
The full range of services can be found on our website
Here at Inseqr, we create a culture of safety. Our motto is the words - competence and trust.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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