High Technology Machines Sp. z o.o.

High Technology Machines Sp. z o.o. is a supplier of CNC machine tools and machining technologies. We provide comprehensive services to manufacturing companies in Poland. Thanks to constant access to the latest achievements in the field of numerically controlled machine tools, as well as the development of our own research and engineering staff, we are a partner in the implementation of new solutions for the most demanding customers from high-tech industries.
 We prepare technological processes of machining
 We supply CNC machine tools
 We implement automation systems for production processes
 We provide full service during the warranty and post-warranty period
In May 2019, we opened our own Research and Development Center in Gliwice, where on an area of nearly 3,000 square meters there are fully equipped laboratories and workshops for conducting research work, testing new materials or innovative processing technologies.
The Center's equipment also allows you to conduct trainings for operators / CNC programmers or maintenance services of our clients.
 Presentation of machine tools and technological solutions
 Ultra-precision machining workshop with five-axis machining center
 Measurement laboratory with the CMM LEITZ measuring machine.
 Technological engineering office and laboratories
 Infrastructure for remote service diagnostics
Thanks to advanced technologies offered CNC machine tools provide unprecedented productivity, very high efficiency and production quality, and perfect repeatability. The use of our machine tools in production processes allows to meet the expectations of the most demanding industries.
We provide our solutions for the aviation, automotive, shipbuilding, production of high-quality molds, or wherever due to requirements there is no room for any quality compromises, and the time of detail is the most important issue.
 Horizontal and vertical CNC lathes and milling machines
 Multi-purpose machining centers with advanced automation systems
 Double-column milling centers
 Five-axis machining centers
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