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Hertz Systems is a Polish company that has been operating for over 33 years out of a passion for technology, offering end-to-end solutions - from design to manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing and training. The company provides hardware and software solutions for the military, government and European institutions, as well as private sector.
Hertz Systems is active on the military market for almost 20 years, developing a satellite navigation receivers integrated with cryptographic module. The company is the only Polish manufacturer of this type of receivers. In addition, the entity has experience in the development and testing of equipment using cryptographic keys.
The company has already delivered more than 2,000 receivers to the Polish Armed Forces. Work is currently underway on receivers integrated with M-Code and GALILEO modules.
The company carries out space projects related to, among others, GNSS systems for downstereamapplications as well as sensors (radars, antennas) for space. The company is also working on the development of the PRS service of the European GALILEO system and early warning system (based on a network of satellites) against ballistic and hypersonic missiles.
Hertz Systems also specializes in technologies ensuring security of critical infrastructure (the HAWK system for drone detection and neutralization) and data (TEMPEST-class equipment).
The company is a high-trust partner through its certificates, concessions and implemented quality systems (ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, AQAP 2210).

International projects
Cooperation with the European and Polish Space Agency, NATO, EDA (European Defence Agency) and EUSPA (European Union Space Programme Agency). Hertz Systems is part of international consortia implementing projects related to the missile early warning system and Galileo PRS receivers for military platforms.
In-house R&D department
Since 1998, it has operated an in-house R&D department with a team of qualified engineers with extensive experience working with government agencies, commercial entities and partners from around the world.
SAB accreditation
Hertz Systems is one of the few Polish companies with SAB (Security Accreditation Board) accreditation for access to PRS technology. The company is actively pursuing the production of PRS receivers in Poland.
Cooperation with the Industrial Development Agency
Since 2015, the Industrial Development Agency has been a shareholder of Hertz Systems.
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
Police special equipment
Border Guards special equipment
Communication and IT
Defence infrastructure equipment
Uniform articles
Medical equipment and materials, individual first aid kits
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