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RENEX Group is one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies, providing state-of-the-art technologies for the electronics and other specialised industries.
REECO - the brand under which RENEX Group develops, manufactures and delivers four groups of products to the Polish and foreign markets:
- REECO Specialized Industrial Furniture. The series was developed for the electronics manufacturing and repair industry, although nowadays, due to its quality, it is gaining popularity among customers from other fields. The furniture is made of steel protected by coatings with antistatic properties, thanks to which it can be used in so called EPAs, where electronics are produced and repaired. In addition, thanks to their modular design, they can be adapted to the requirements of the work environment and create ergonomic spaces that reduce the risk of occupational illnesses and offer high process efficiency.
- REECO robots are a series of ready-to-use devices that can be integrated into production lines without the need for complex engineering and integration. Depending on the model, the devices can perform operations such as screw assembling, dispensing, coating, soldering or labelling.
- REECO Clothing - is a line of specialized clothing designed for use in the previously mentioned EPAs and cleanrooms.
- REECO equipment - is a line of specialized products designed for manufacturing and service areas. Examples include the recently introduced Fume Extractors and Drying Cabinets.
The Group currently comprises a number of entities and brands that carry out manufacturing, consulting, sales and training activities:
- RENEX Robotics - exclusive distributor of YAMAHA industrial robots
- RENEX Line - distributor of equipment and complete production lines for electronics assembly
- CLEANROOM - provider of cleanrooms, manufacturer of equipment and supplier of specialized services
- RENEX EEC - the largest Authorized Training Center providing courses in IPC, ESA and PACE standards in Central and Eastern Europe
- RENEX - provider of a wide range of tools, equipment, consumables and services for the electronics industry

RENEX Group places particular emphasis on extensive consulting and R&D activities. For this purpose it has created RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, where state-of-the-art solutions and technologies in the field of electronics and robotics are developed. The Center is also a specialized consulting and training entity, offering prototype and trial batches of electronic devices, courses on standards used in the electronics industry, anti-static protection and customized training in SMT manufacturing, robotics and automation.
The Group has offices in Serbia, Germany, Romania and Croatia.

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