Grand Power s.r.o.

The company GRAND POWER is a successful company producing high quality firearms in Slovakia. Using the latest technological advances, it achieves excellent economic and technological success and produces pistols, rifles, submachine guns and heavy machine guns, some based on its own patents.
The company was established 2002 and achieved global recognition with a K100 pistol and its version for sport shooting, as well as with the specialty designed for sport shooters, the X-Calibur model. During such short time since beginning of its production, this gun has shot the 2 gold medals at IPSC World SHOT Cup. Nowadays, the company produces more than 65 models of rifles, carbines, pistols and heavy machine guns designed for civil market, sporting purposes as well as the law enforcement and armed forces.Also producing range of less-lethal weapons, which are very popular among military and law enforcement agencies world-wide, achieves success. The company GRAND POWER is one of the most successful Slovakian producer exporting more than 98% of its products abroad. Mostly on the markets of the USA, Canada, South Africa, Philippines and more than 50 other countries world-wide.
Business sector
Classical armament, missiles and explosives
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