GL OPTIC Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

GL Optic is a Polish manufacturer of professional systems for measuring optical radiation in a wide spectral range. Our equipment is used by many companies and institutions around the world to measure single radiation sources, LEDs, comprehensive tests of radiant heaters and displays and luminaires. We offer complete systems, with a user-friendly interface, prepared according to the "plug and measure" concept, which are used to support spectro-radiometric, photometric, colorimetry and electrical parameter control and temperature measurements, for a variety of applications. In addition to measuring instruments and systems, we also offer measurement services and instrument calibration in our Calibration and Research Laboratory of Optical Radiation (CARLO), which is the only one in Central and Eastern Europe equipped with a blackbody spectral irradiance standard - the Black Body Radiator. Our team consists of experienced programmers, electronic and mechanical engineers, production technicians, sales and support engineers - all focused on delivering intelligent yet affordable solutions. Our customers are leading international manufacturers of lighting systems, test laboratories and suppliers, as well as start-ups and consultants from all over the world, operating in every industry related to light measurement. We are continuously developing solutions for the measurement of ultraviolet optical radiation and infrared illuminators in the automotive, electronics, defense and medical industries. Our instruments and measurement software are subject to continuous development to ensure compliance with the requirements of international norms and standards and to calculate new applicable measures of light quality.
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