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GISS Sp. z o.o. operates on the Polish and foreign markets for over 10 years. The main areas of its activity are connected with satellite communication (Cobalt and Opuncja Manpack satellite terminals, mobile Fly Away as well as mobile and ground stations), training support systems (Shooting House systems, system of reactive pneumatic targets, Shelter based shooting ranges), dual-use equipment (equipment dedicated for the army, police and other uniformed formations), telecommunication, security (protection of critical infrastructure), air navigation – ATC (radar systems, WAM/MLAT, ILS/DME/DVOR) and system integration. The company offers a number of own solutions as well as products of foreign partners.
In 2021 we started activities in Research and Development Center for Satellite Technology of GISS Sp. z o.o. located in Nowy Konik / Warsaw.
Business sector
Armoured equipment
Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
Communication and IT
Engineering equipment
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