Efficient energy supply from generators and air conditioning systems
For more than 20 years, Fischer Panda has provided reliable and efficient energy supply for mobile operations. Their generators and ECUs are used worldwide in command centres, field hospitals, command posts and radar systems.
Many applications require power 24/7, operating over long periods and independent from mains power. Fischer Panda manufactures generators, air-conditioning units and combi units (consisting of generator and ECU) from 2 to 48 kW. These include compact, highly efficient, water-cooled generators that are available as 50/60 Hz asynchronous versions or permanent-magnet versions for battery charging. Permanent-magnet generators are also available with 400 Hz for powering radar units.
Ease of use, low operating noise, virtually vibration-free, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and low infrared (IR) signatures are indispensable factors. Fischer Panda can custom-build to meet essential EMC (MIL-STD 461) as well as Shock and Vibration (MIL STD 810) specs. Air-conditioning also plays an important role when a high degree of efficiency for the complete system is required.
Integrated AC power for tactical command shelters
These shelters provide commanders with a protected environment to operate from.
Fischer Panda PSC generators supply continuous energy and handle peak power requirements during intensive operations.

All major components (including cooling radiator, fuel tank, electrical housing) are mounted on a single frame for a smaller footprint. Sliding rails ease access during maintenance.
Battery-charging DC power systems
Armoured tracked vehicles are of importance for mobility on rough terrain and wherever light armoured vehicles are vulnerable. They are deployed as forward command posts and provide the first major communication links.
Fischer Panda water-cooled DC battery charging generators enable fast and efficient charging and are available in various sizes from 2 - 12 kW. They can supply the vehicles’ batteries, or dedicated battery banks required for the vehicles’ roles.
Combi units consisting of generator and ECU for light applications
Commanders can utilize the mobility and size of wheeled vehicles to rapidly deploy non-armoured formations serving a wide range of C4ISR roles. These connect forward units to higher-level networks. Such systems rely increasingly on sophisticated and powerful electronics. Reliable power is of prime importance.
Panda 8000 Environmental Control Unit
This split air-conditioning unit supplies cooling and heating for container applications. The ECU consists of an evaporator module with panel mounted internally and an external condenser. The ECU has a cooling capacity of 8 kW and a heating capacity of 5 kW. The ECU can be used in extreme ambient temperatures from -32°C to +55°C.
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