About FalCom
FalCom provides advanced hearing protection and communication solutions for special operations, military, law enforcement and security personnel who all depend on optimal perception in extreme environments.

Our FalCom products are created with an end-user focus. They are designed to be lightweight, unobtrusive, comfortable to wear and offers superior performance in directional awareness and power consumption.

Together with the medical grade transducers that ensures clean, crisp voice communication our product philosophy allows users to rely on the information they receive in order to perform optimally in the field.

A Whole New World of 3D Audio
We utilize our patented FalCom 3D Engine to improve operators’ ability to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. With our 3D Channel Separation feature, the wearer can handle multiple audio channels/groups simultaneously.

The sound from up to four audio sources is placed around the user’s head in positions that provide maximum differentiation and makes it easier for the user to separate incoming audio feeds.

Built on 150 years of innovation
FalCom stands on the GN Group’s foundation as a global leader in intelligent audio and video solutions. With more than 150 years of expertise, capabilities, and insight the GN Group develop some of the best and most innovative audio devices in the world under brands such as ReSound and Jabra.
Business sector
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
Police special equipment
Border Guards special equipment
Firefighting and rescue equipment
Communication and IT
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