ENSEMBLE3 - Centre of excellence for nanophotonics, advanced materials and novel crystal growth-based technologies

Ensemble3 Sp. z. o. o. is a newly established Warsaw-based Center of Excellence in nanophotonics, advanced materials and advanced technologies based on crystal growth. The Center was established under the "Teaming for Excellence" program funded by the European Commission and the "International Research Agendas" program funded by the Foundation for Polish Science and works in collaboration with renowned national and international scientific institutions. The Center works on the development of new material technologies and advanced materials with exceptional electromagnetic properties that can be applied in areas such as photonics, optoelectronics, telecommunications, solar energy conversion, medicine and aeronautics.

Ensemble3's Centre of Excellence offers a wide range of materials for photonic and electronic shuttles. These materials are monocrystalline and can be divided into two main groups of crystals. The first group consists of oxide crystals (YAG, YAP, GdCOB, NGO, SBN), which are widely used in photonics, especially in laser technology. The second group is semiconductor crystals from the group of AIIIBV compounds, e.g. GaP, GaAs, InP, InSb. Oxide crystals are used in the construction of lasers and other photonic devices, while semiconductor crystals are used in the manufacture of electronic devices such as diodes, transistors, etc. GaP substrates, of which Ensemble3 is a leading manufacturer, are particularly sought after today. It should also be emphasised at this point that GaP crystals are not manufactured to any significant extent by other competitors, which represents a real opportunity for Ensemble3 to be recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of GaP crystals.

For more information, visit www.ensemble3.eu
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Radio- and opto-electronical equipment
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