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Cyber-attacks occur every day, and all of us can be their victims. Can you defend yourself?
We stem from Vector Synergy. For 10 years we have been providing highly qualified specialists in the field of IT security for the needs of international projects in Europe and around the world. We work for NATO, European Union agencies and many other global clients.

We know that security is more than just advanced technological solutions. During the implementation of our projects, we have repeatedly experienced that the weakest link in the face of cyberattacks is human. We are aware that there are not enough IT security specialists in the market. We also know that teams responsible for security in organizations face many incidents every day. Cyber-attacks are still evolving and statistics say hackers break into private resources every 10 seconds on average!

Constant improvement of knowledge and team skills has become necessary to ensure IT security of the organization. Our offer responds to this need. We will provide your people with the best – based on their own experience – practical training in detecting and effectively responding to cyber-attacks..
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