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Atlantic Contract entered the market to serve a niche need for knowledge relating to marketing to government
and civil agencies as US Army, NATO and United Nations. Originally an offshoot of a law firm combined with executive level B 2 G marketing and management leaders, Atlantic’s team has grown to a strength of twenty professionals

Our team includes government relations and government project management experts who have extensive experience supporting European and Global missions such as Atlantic Resolve, Resolute Castle, Defender 2020 and more. Atlantic’s team is supplemented by analysts, consultants, and attorneys ensuring marketing and delivery is carried out according to the highest industry, government, and legal standards

Atlantic Contract is a global company that allows companies to participate in tenders issued by the US Federal Government, including the US Army and NATO member and allied countries. We also search for contracts in
over 20 UN agency tender databases.

After we register your company in federal, UN and NATO procurement databases, you will have access to hundreds of tenders on all continents and contracts carried out in almost all industries every day.

​We constantly cooperate with consultants, advisers and former contract officers from the structures of the US Army, NATO, US Navy, US Air Force, UN, US Congress and Senate, US Department of Defense, Logistics Agency of Defense (DLA), Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) and many key government institutions.

We operate in accordance with the highest standards of safety, quality and management expected from partners for the US Arm, NATO and the United Nations.
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