Army Recognition Group

Army Recognition is one the most popular online defense and security magazines with more than 6 million unique readers/visitors per year, up to 150,000 readers/day, and more than 2 million pages read per month from more than 130 countries all over the world.
Army Recognition Group is the first online Marketing and Communication Company dedicated exclusively to the Defense and Security Industry, providing a full range of advertising and marketing services to increase the global exposure of your Company and its range of products on the Internet.
- Online promotional marketing and advertising services
- Innovation solutions and services with web-based promotion, communication, advertising, editorial, advertorial, videos and more.
- We guarantee the increase of the visibility of your company and its range of products at a worldwide level thanks to our proven Indexing Technology.
- We provide the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and we continue to improve day by day the indexing of our customers’ pages
- More than 85% of our readers/visitors are military and security people, high-level Defense decision-makers, official and non-official Government agencies and MoDs (Ministry of Defense).
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