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We offer modern products and advanced technologies in the field of IT, telecommunication, security and biometrics:
• MADDOS - multi-sensor automatic drone detection and neutralization system; mobile and stationary systems for detection, monitoring, warning, identification and neutralization of drones; can be used in all conditions for protection of borders, airports, government and industrial facilities.
• MADDOS UAV – Unmanned aerial vehicles in fixed-wing VTOL configuration (vertical take-off and landing) for surveillance, reconnaissance and rescue missions. Flight time up to 10h with capability of carrying up to 25kg of payload. Equipped with multiple sensors like EOIR gimbal cameras, advanced navigation systems, SAR radars, RF signal detection sensor and many more.
• MILBOOK - military mobile notebooks, rugged tablets and intelligent Tactical Solutions systems for use in combat vehicles
Business sector
Subassemblies, equipment and systems of people and property protection
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