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The AIR - POL company has a 30-year tradition of manufacturing parachute products. The scope of its activities includes design, production, research, sale, delivery and comprehensive maintenance of civilian and military parachute and rescue - high altitude systems, as well as compensation suits for pilots of multi-purpose combat aircraft.
All Air-Pol products have international certificates. The company's production offer includes many models of parachutes, such as: round parachutes of the classic DEDAL series (AD, AZ) and the wing type FENIKS series, rescue parachutes, braking parachutes for jet airplanes and WUK-90 high-altitude compensation suits. The company is a supporting member of PIA (Parachute Industry Association), the most prestigious organization associating manufacturers of parachute equipment in the world. It's also a member of the National Aviation Council and the Association of the Polish Aviation Industry. It cooperates with scientific and research centers, such as the Air Force Institute of Technology, the Institute of Aviation or the Military University of Technology. AIR-Pol has a license for the production and sale of special equipment, ISO certificate and NATO code. The geographic scope of the company's operations is constantly expanding. Among civilian buyers there are not only Polish paratroopers, but also their colleagues from Slovenia, Germany, France, Great Britain, the United States, Japan, and even Australia or New Zealand. The main military customer is the Polish Armed Forces, but the parachutes are also used in other armies of NATO countries and countries not associated in the alliance. The manufactured products are intended to secure the implementation of extremely demanding and risky tasks, which is why AIR-POL Sp. z o. o. has implemented and constantly maintains an integrated quality management system, certified by many institutions.
Business sector
Aviation, air defence armament and equipment
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