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Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus company is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of containers, including one and two-sided extendable containers for specialized medical, laboratory, workshop and communication applications, as well as emergency and guaranteed power supply systems for civil and military customers. It owes all its achievements to flexibility and quick adaptation to changes and market needs. Since the beginning its business, Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus has won the trust of a large group of recipients from the civilian sector, the arms industry and the armed forces of many NATO countries. Products manufactured by Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus are successfully operated under harsh climatic conditions in many countries of the world, on several continents including Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.
All projects are carry out throughout the entire product life cycle – from the concept development phase to the development of technical documentation, to production, and to ensuring servicing and technical support. Manufacturing from scratch, the company uses the knowledge and experience of its highly qualified technical staff, and utilising its regularly expanded machinery park and technological facilities. Products are manufactured in large series as well as single items – all of which are always based on individual customer requirements.
Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus company successfully conducts research and development activity. All its products are manufactured based on proprietary technical documentation. The result of that works are many times awarded and distinguished products with a high level of technological advancement. Their assembly is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of specialists from many fields, who takes care of the effective integration of all components and systems provided for in the specification.
Company continues to strengthen its position in the market for power plants that utilise renewable energy sources. Taking advantage of its research experience and technological facilities, Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus develops innovative systems for combined heat and power generation –so-called cogeneration – using biomass and agricultural waste.
Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus company has a research and testing facilities that are unique on a national scale. It has facilities such as the Climatic Chamber, the Solar Chamber and the Rain Chamber. They allow to simulate diverse climatic conditions, and thus to test their impact on the military equipment we manufacture. Company also provides testing services for external entities.
Agregaty Pex-Pool Plus key values these are the highest quality of products confirmed by the implementation of a quality management system ISO and AQAP, the technical potential and professionalism.
When you decide to buy equipment manufactured by Agregaty Pex - Pool Plus, you choose quality, reliability and safety of use.
Business sector
Equipment and materials for chemical weapons
Metrology equipment
Defence infrastructure equipment
Engineering equipment
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