Agencja Lotnicza ALTAIR Sp. z o.o.

The largest independent publisher of professional military and aviation magazines in Poland. Among those published are:
- RAPORT(REPORT) – military, technology, defences – a monthly for decision-makers and professionals dealing with defences and the munitions industry. Provides newest information and studies on the subjects of the Polish army, NATO, foreign armies, military technology, and situation on the arms markets,
- Skrzydlata Polska (Winged Poland) – a monthly for enthusiasts of aviation and of flying. Oldest aviation magazine in Poland (published since 1930),
- Broń i Amunicja (Arms and Ammo) Commandos – a monthly shooting magazine, everything about military weapons and tactical accessories, focused also on Special Forces, covers SF operations, training and doctrines.
- AeroPlan (AeroPlane) – a hobby magazine devoted to the enthusiasts of aviation and aeromodelling.
Our web page: with fresh daily news from the world of aviation, military and defense has proven half a million of entries monthly.
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