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APS has developed and commercialised a unique system for detecting and neutralising drones: SKYctrl.

The system allows for a reliable operation night and day under any weather conditions, including clouds, fog and rain with an effective drone detection distance of up to 6000 m. It is perfectly suited to protect:

- critical infrastructure installations (airports, power plants, ports, etc.),
- government buildings and installations,
- military installations,
- VIPs,
- borders,
- private property,
- events.

SKYctrl is based on the following sensors:

1. FIELDctrl 3D MIMO Radars - operating in the unlicensed 10 GHz band, affordable while delivering superior drone detection capabilities. Advanced signal processing algorithms minimize false alarm rates and enable to differentiate drones from birds.

2. EOIR sensors - a set of cameras allows identification of drones and recording incident footage for post-incident actions night and day.

3. On the neutralization side, SKYctrl is equipped with proprietary soft-kill: multi-band jammers. Directive antennas of the jammers are cued on target automatically by FIELDctrl 3D MIMO radars.

4. The system comes with a friendly to use software that provides for drones monitoring, incidents archiving, sms, email and system alerts. SKYctrl is easily scalable allowing cost-efficient implementation for both large and small areas/installations.
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