Zębiec S.A.

Zębiec S.A. is a company with over 65 years traditions and established position on market. We are one of the largest companies involved in the production and distribution of the necessary products for foundry, construction, drilling and many other industries. We also produce central heating boilers and other metal products (including springs, coil springs, perforated sieves and meshes).

Zębiec Minerals offers:
• bentonites – products used in foundries, builidings, drilling and many other industries. For casting is used betonite Specjal, bentonite mixtures 75K, 80K, 85K, other mixtures according to foundries demand.
• bentonite mixtures – an innovtive products basen on hybrid bentonite and the
glossy carbon as an eco-friendly carrier. Are products which is characterized by high trenght, heat resistance and stable parameters.
• resin coated sand – for casting iron, casting of aluminium alloy casting of brass and bronze.
• expanded perlite - used in construction as a component of insulating, sound-absorbing and fire-retardant materials, moreover in metallurgy, food industry, agriculture, horticulture, environmental protection, as well as an ingredient used in household chemistry.
Zębiec S.A. has a highly qualified management team and specialists with many years of experience, whose overriding goal is to take care of the high quality of products and the company's development through investments in modern technologies.
The quality guarantee is the possession of a certificate of the Integrated Management System by the
Company confirming the conformity of our system with the standards PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10, PN-ISO 45001:2018-06, PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09.
Business sector
Component, consumable materials
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