Since 1984, TAV VACUUM FURNACES has been producing standard and customized vacuum furnaces running worldwide.
We design and manufacture advanced vacuum furnaces in a wide range of geometries and dimensions that are used in the heat treatment of steels, alloys, superalloys, advanced ceramic materials, in hardening, tempering, solubilization, annealing, brazing and sintering operations.
We support these processes mainly in the following fields: production of heat exchangers, aviation/aerospace, automotive, IGT (industrial gas turbine) industry, heat treatment of additive manufactured parts, commercial heat treatment, component sintering industry (medical, precision mechanics, optics,) and R&D laboratories.
Thanks to the companies wide know-how in vacuum engineering, we provide our customers with a team of professionals who can manage and solve all issues, ranging from design to manufacturing, project management, installation, consultive technical support, training, and technical service.
Business sector
Heat treatment furnaces and appliances
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