Richard Anton KG

Richard Anton KG is a family enterprise and has been active world-wide since 1904. It is one of the biggest producers of synthetic graphites, calcined petcokes and anthracite. The company specializes in the production of a wide variety of grain sizes and in milling carbon products down to the lowest micron sizes. In addition the company has been trading for decades with pig iron in the form of ingots. Customers are - among others - foundries and steel mills active in the automotive, energy (i.e. wind power plants) and mechanical engineering sectors. The carbon products are distributed world-wide under the RANCO name and function here as recarburizers for carbon-content enrichment in the liquid iron. Another focus is supplying the brake-lining industry. Here the family enterprise has been active world-wide as strategic partner for decades. Other application areas include the use as covering agents for the copper melt, the use in powder metallurgy and in the chemical industry as well as for the production of lubricants, cored wires and welding electrodes.
Business sector
Auxiliary materials for foundry practice, foundry ceramics, chemical
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