Progelta S.r.l.

PROGELTA, with a broad experience and know-how, offers design, supply and installation of equipment, computerized systems and high quality service with emphasis on automation to any size foundry worldwide. The goal of PROGELTA is to find the most suitable solutions for either existing operation or new plant design, installation and start-up. Every equipment manufactured by Progelta, is unique in design and development in order to meet the specific needs of each customer. All of the installations meet elevated standards of quality, both in materials and control systems.
- Equipment for spheroidization and automatic inoculation
- Automatic pouring systems and induction furnaces
- Electronic dosing and weighing equipment
- Charging plants for melting furnaces, tilting skips and trucks for cast iron transporting
- "Customer-oriented" software development and supervision systems
Business sector
Design and production of foundry equipment
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