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PhoenixTM Ltd - Phoenix Temperature Measurement
PhoenixTM Ltd design and manufactures ‘thru-process’ temperature monitoring systems for the heat treatment industry. Providing solutions for various industrial sectors including heat treatment of aluminium and steel, ranging from raw materials (Slab, billets etc) to finished products, such as carburizing automotive components. Other applications include Paint and Powder Coating, Food Processing (HACCP), Glass Processing and Ceramic Firing. Protected by a thermal barrier, the data logger travels through the process and thermocouples measure the product temperature. A historic temperature record (Profile graph or TUS) is collected which then can be analysed using Industry specific software to generate AMS2750E and CQI-9 compliant reports. Understand, Control, Optimize and Certify your furnace process to guarantee product quality, process operation efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Business sector
Heat treatment furnaces and appliances
Heat and chemical treatment furnaces and appliances
Heat treatment processes and technologies
Measurement equipment and instruments, sensors
Consultancy and services
Measuring and control equipment
Melting of casting alloys, furnaces and charge materials
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