METIMPEX Sp. z o.o.

*Refractories for all kinds of furnaces and equipments *Gunning machines and injection machines of bulk materials *Pneumatic jolting machines for coreless furnaces *Separate means, auxiliaries and protective coatings *Stainless steel shot and grit Chronital, Grittal *Steel, aluminium and zinc cut wire *Low carbons steel shot *Materials for insulation and sealing *Protective clothes for foundry workers *Slagging Agent *Cored wire for spheroidization *Moulding sand management system *Induction furnaces, foundry-ladles, reparation and maintenance of induction furnaces *Systems for measuring refactory linning thickness in foundry furnaces

*Feuerfeste Materialien für die Ofen und Einrichtungen aller Art *Spritzmaschinen und Maschinen zum Injizieren von feinkörnigen Schüttgütern *Hochleistungvibratoren für Induktionstigelöfen *Trennmitteln, Hilfsmitteln und Schlichten *Edelstahlstrahlmittel Chronital, Grittal *Stahldrahtkorn arrondiert, Alu- und Zincdrahtkorn * Stahlguss-Strahlmittel niedriggekohlt * Materialien für Dichtung und Isolation. *Hitzefeste Schutzkleidung *Schlackenbinder *Draht fűr die Magnesiumbehandlung *Automation und Steuerungstechnik in der Sandaufbereitung *Induktionsӧfen, Gieβpfannen, Reparatur und Instandhaltung von Induktionsӧfen *Meßsysteme für die Messung der Dicke der Feuerfesten Auskleidung in Giessereiöfen
Business sector
Measurement and non-destructive testing techniques of metals
Tools and instrumentation
Melting and holding furnaces, alloys modification equipment
Peripherals and accessories
Component, consumable materials
Measurement equipment and instruments, sensors
Consultancy and services
Auxiliary materials for foundry practice, foundry ceramics, chemical
Refractories materials for foundry practice
Equipment and materials for cleaning, welding, and finishing (the surface) of castings
Control and regulation technique, automation of the processes
Industrial safety and hygiene at work, gloves, clothing, special equipment
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