IVR Industrial Furnaces

IVR designs and manufactures furnaces and plants for heat treatment for a variety of industries, all completed by an excellent after sales service.
IVR relies on a significant experience concerning the technical part and the heat treatment process, completed by new figures with high competence about energy-saving, environmental analysis and cost-cutting. That guarantee to our company a unique professionalism in the conception, realization and installation of high-quality products with a relevant technological value.
The task of IVR is to identify the customer’s needs and how to achieve them. Design, construction and commissioning of a heat treatment plant able to meet the client’s needs is our mission.

Our plants are suitable for various types of heat treatment, for example: Gas Carburizing, Hardening with quenching in salt, water, oil and polymer; Tempering; Annealing; Stress Relieving; Normalization; Solution Annealing; Isothermal annealing, Carbonitriding; Nitriding, Brazing, Sintering, Solution and Aging treatment for Aluminum T4,T5,T6, etc.
Among our services there are also the supply of spare parts of various types, including motors, fans, chains and guides, radiant tubes, gaskets, doors, muffles, heat exchangers, pumps, equipment for loading and unloading the pieces in the furnaces, etc.
In addition to maintenance and service for plants and furnaces manufactured either by us or other manufacturers, we also deal with repair and adjustments of existing machines, software updates and automation of working areas.
Development and implementation for Industry 4.0.
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Heat treatment furnaces and appliances
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AGENT FOR POLAND: ATICOS, MR. Jarosław Talerzak, Matejki street no. 1/29B, 66-200 Swiebodzin, Tel. +48 502 288 337 email: j.talerzak@aticos.com.pl
REPREZENTACJA W POLSCE: ATICOS Jarosław Talerzak, ul. Matejki 1/29B, 66-200 Świebodzin, tel. +48502288337 email: j.talerzak@aticos.com.pl
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