Foundry Ecocer is a leading Italian company in the field of chemical products and fluxes for metallurgical treatments of non-ferrous alloys. It always looks ahead, investing
in human resources, acquiring state-of-theart equipment, developing new products tailored to users’ requirements, in all possible forms, such as powdered fluxes, granular fluxes, tablet fluxes, packaged fluxes supplied in sealed aluminium capsules, and other forms, in line with a global demand increasingly oriented towards the high performance
and guaranteed quality requirements which characterise the competitive context of the sector.

Our solutions for non-ferrous foundry
The production includes fluxes for the molten metal treatment, mastics, ceramic pre shapes, treatment, filtering and degassing units, lubricants and parting agents for the various casting processes, holding and melting furnaces, and many more.
Business sector
Heat treatment processes and technologies
Component, consumable materials
Auxiliary materials for foundry practice, foundry ceramics, chemical
Machine tools, tools and instrumentation, metalworking
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