BOSIO d.o.o. Industrial Furnace Solutions

Founded in 1990, company Bosio is a world-renowned manufacturer of heat treatment equipment and technology. We offer advanced and tailor-made solutions, characterised by high engineering, that ensures functionality, safety and convenience of the products. Since 2012, Bosio is a member of the international holding Aichelin Group and therefore has access to the global sales and service network. BOSIO offered the furnaces to the customers from a variety of industries, including but not limited to: forging, heat treatment, metallurgy, aerospace, automotive, energy, machinery and other.
In addition, BOSIO provides industrial furnace solutions especially for forging industry. We provide reheating furnaces up to 1.300°C and heat treatment furnaces up to 1.200°C.
So, our product range includes the following furnace types:
o Camber and bogie hearth furnaces
o Walking hearth furnaces
o Pusher furnaces
o Ring rotary furnaces
o Pit furnaces
o Roller hearth furnaces
Today, company Bosio has over 1.500 successful projects behind them in over 25 countries on 3 continents (Europe, Asia, North America).
Our key competitive advantages are customer-orientedness, flexibility, quality and speed. We provide tailor-made heat treatment solutions, which we develop with our in-house know-how and our own R&D. We are highly adaptable and able to quickly respond to our customer needs. We offer reliable quality products in agreed deadlines in cooperation with a strong network of trusted and reliable partners and suppliers.
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Heat treatment furnaces and appliances
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