Founded in 1990, AAGES SA designs and manufactures induction heating machines for large range of applications.
The company is situated in the centre of Transylvania, Romania, where our products are designed, manufactured and tested in over 4300 square meter workshop, test fields, laboratory and offices.
AAGES SA produces equipment’s for mass heating for forging, melting ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals, tube heating, annealing and coating, induction heating machines for hardening, tempering and annealing, and various dedicated, custom designed applications.
Our state-of-the-art IGBT converters with full digital control and Internet connection facility, designed in the frequency range from 40 Hz up to 300 kHz, are integrated in our key-turn equipment’s, but also are preferred by our customers for refurbishing their old equipment’s.
Over the years, AAGES SA sold more than 1.400 different types of medium frequency converters and more than 350 induction heating machines in 26 countries of the world.
Listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange, AAGES group include ELECTROTERM, a company specialized on design and manufacturing transformers, filtering chokes for induction heating applications, inductors for mass heating and melting, and AAGES HTC, with its own hardening workshop, for case hardening and for developing hardening processes for new application.
We offer not only our products, but also experience and knowledge of well trained and highly motivated staff of design, manufacturing and service engineers and technicians.
Offering the best PERFORMANCE/PRICE ratio, our products are the good choice for companies asking for reliable, customer friendly equipment and close technical support for the whole lifetime of the equipment’s.
Business sector
Heat treatment furnaces and appliances
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