KIELCE IFRE-EXPO (6-8.06.2019)

3rd International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO

targi pożarnicze kielce ifre-expo - sprzęt strażacki Record-breaking KIELCE IFRE-EXPO 2019

The International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO 2019 brought together almost 7500 business-inside visitors.

The consecutive firefighting festival is held in two years’ time  - the exhibition switching its schedule. From now on it will be held every-other-year cycle.

High exhibitors attendance, prestigious offers on show - this is the feedback after the show. Compared to the previous IFRE-EXPO, 2019’s exhibition has advanced - it used over 5,000 sq m of the exhibition space. The trade show has become more international - 127 companies represented as many as 8 countries. The specialist vehicles on show attracted the greatest attention and appreciation of the visitors. Rosenbauer's auto shows kept the audience et the edge of their seats - this sizzling-hot atmosphere was able to beat the African temperatures during the exhibition. The FIRE-MAX self-propelled AIRCORE TAF35 gas turbines manufactured by Magirus stimulated the audience and gained an avid interest - not only was the vehicle on display at the company's expo stand but also in action at the in-field real life demonstrations.

pokazy strażackie na targach zabezpieczeń przeciwpożarowych kielce ifre-expo Little fire-fighters, rescue dogs and training simulators – this and much more only in Targi Kielce

 Targi Kielce featured little fire-fighters from Stąporkow - young firefighters’ shows have marked the expo’s tradition. An injured teddy bear rescued from a wreck, evacuation of Koziołek Matołek [Billy the Goat] from a burning house enjoyed a great interest among the expo visitors. The shows stimulated Polish Television Channel One - the reportage on little fire services hit the news - TVP viewers had the chance to see the coverage on Telexpres. The skills of, inter alia: Kokos and Dante, the rescue dogs from the Nowy Sącz OSP were also proudly presented. A 10-month-old Czort, the youngest Nowy Sącz, four-legged officer also presented its skills for the first time in "extreme" conditions. There was an important point on the agenda - all firefighters had the chance to take part in a drill. And indoor fire simulator was made available by OLC Fire.

ifre 2019 - galeria 18 Fire expo packed with sports

The 18 units of the Volunteer Fire Brigades fought for the laurels at the KIELCE IFRE-EXPO 2019 competition. The team of OSP Włoszczowa was the first, OSP Błogoszów were the runner-ups, and OSP Wola Kopcowa came third. The firefighters had to roll a tyre, unroll the W-52 fire hose and filling the tank with a  hand-pump extinguisher.

The IFRE-EXPO was accompanied with fringe events galore - the briefing of the City and Poviat Commanders of the State Fire Services and the briefing of the directors of the ZOSP Provincial Departments.The fire-expo was granted the patronage of the Chief Commander of the State Fire Services, the Minister of Interior and Administration, the Volunteer Fire Brigades Union of the Republic of Poland. KIELCE-IFRE EXPO was accompanied with the International Occupational Safety and Fire Protection Systems Exhibition KIELCE WORK SAFETY-EXPO.

Targi Kielce welcomes you to join the upcoming IFRE EXPO held from 10 to 12 June 2021.