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Bicycles - future technologies at Targi Kielce

rowery na targach BIKE-EXPO

The International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce Bike-Expo is held for the 11th time in 2021. The show is already a permanent fixture in global expo calendars.  In addition to the latest models of two-wheelers, this year's exhibition will feature technologies of the future. KIELCE BIKE-EXPO 2021 - 16 to 18 September at Targi Kielce.

Two-wheelers have recently become very popular;  in the coronavirus pandemic era, bikes have proven to be a safe means of transport for many. Bicycles have become an indispensable part of our journeys, regardless of the distance we cover.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that the bicycle shops' were selling their products like hot cakes for the past few months;  sellers sold off those two-wheelers they had had difficulty selling off for a long time; now the store-hangers are empty.  Poles have fallen in love with bicycles.

Switch to an e-boost bike

akcesoria rowerowe na targach KIELCE BIKE-EXPO According to, the percentage of owners and potential owners of e-bikes in Poland is relatively high and amounts to approx. 30 per cent. A lot of people also plan to try and test this type of device.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that manufacturers are outstripping each other in technologies that enable users to enjoy the dynamical ride. The best possible results in terms of battery performance and ranges are also one of the competition points. Undoubtedly, these modern devices are an excellent alternative for those who want to discover new places and enjoy maximum comfort. 

- For some time now, everyone has wondered whether electric bikes are just a temporary fab or whether these modern devices make themselves at home.  We already know that electric-boost bikes are the technology of the future, which we will use more and more often - says Bartłomiej Terlecki, the event manager of Kielce Bike-Expo.

Kielce Bike-Expo abounds with novelties

KIELCE BIKE EXPO is crafted around cyclists - both professionals and amateurs.  This year's event offers novelties galore - the extensive scope is expanded to include bicycles, electric bikes, scooters, accessories and necessary equipment.

kieleckie targi rowerowe BIKE-EXPO

Two-wheeled business

The bicycle trade fair is an ideal place for representatives of shops, wholesalers and distributors, to name just a few business-insider groups.  The event offers the chance to participate in matchmaking and networking meetings, expand your business contacts network, prosper for new suppliers and benchmark the assortment of the most popular bicycle products.

The meeting is also a large dose of content, a true knowledge pool.  The bike project features conferences abundance as well as professional trainings for technicians.

We look forward to seeing you at 2021 KIELCE BIKE EXPO - Targi Kielce's trade show held from 16 to 18 September.

Kielce Bike-Expo - because it's worth being here! 


14 april 2021
The Kielce exhibition and congress centre and the Polish Bicycle Industry Association look forward to your presence at the webinar held under the banner of "Electric Bicycles - How Different Motor-Types Work." This event is targeted at electric two-wheelers' enthusiasts and all those who would like to start their adventure with e-boost bikes
21 january 2021
Thursday, 28 January marks the return of the online project, a part of the Kielce Bike-Expo
19 november 2020
The upcoming Kielce Bike-Expo Online includes industry webinars galore, and topics include safety, amateur cycling, nutrition and selecting the best locations for cycling.
19 november 2020
The upcoming edition of Kielce Bike-Expo Online held on 21 and 22 November includes plenty of interesting offers from representatives of the bicycle industry complemented withe webinars and talks on choosing places for bicycle trips. Discover the tourist charms of Vinnitsa
04 november 2020
Single tracks have been gaining even greater popularity in various regions. One-way bike routes have been designed in such a way that everyone can use them, regardless of age and skills
26 october 2020
The virtual Kielce Bike-Expo attracts more and more representatives of the bicycle industry. The event is targeted at producers, wholesalers, distributors, shops and repair-shops
26 october 2020
The upcoming Kielce Bike-Expo online edition is the place to see the offer of towns which favour cycling development
15 october 2020
The virtual Kielce Bike-Expo at Targi Kielce is held on 21 and 22 November, is gaining momentum
14 october 2020
The Kielce Bike-Expo online trade fair is the chance to see the LARIX offer.The company's customers are wholesalers and sports stores, children's stores and chain stores
09 october 2020
VIRTUAL BUSINESS PLATFORM is an innovative business way, the tool you to reach prospective customers and clients from all over the world. This is also the platform for industry experiences exchange. 21 November and 22 November, the bicycle industry is brought together on-line.
29 september 2020
The organisation of industry-wide, international projects often also means making difficult decisions. Meeting the event participants' expectations comes on the top of our priority. Based on talks with exhibitors and the detailed bicycle industry analysis, we resolved to change the date of the traditional Kielce Bike-Expo
10 july 2020
The 11th International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce Bike- Expo is the whole bike industry's most awaited event. This upcoming show – 1-3 October 2020.
06 july 2020
If you live in Mazovia or Wielkopolska Regions, you may find trips to the seaside or to the mountains too long a journey. Fortunately, central Poland also abounds in interesting cycling routes of various lengths. This is our selection
29 june 2020
Scooters, boards, electric scooters have storm-taken the market. Small, agile devices are designed to help you reach your destination in practically no time. The largest number of supporters live in crowded cities. Thus they find the solutions the best way to save time and also offer a great dynamic relaxation time
15 june 2020
New rules regarding pandemic code of conduct now make it possible to ride a bike without wearing face masks. You can also meet your friends. A long, active weekend is now over
02 june 2020
In the coronavirus pandemic era, sports stores have seen a real siege, after several weeks’ restrictions imposed by the government, everything is slowly returning to normal. Cyclists have also hit the streets
28 april 2020
Last year was a record-breaking one for the solar industry. According to, small home solar power plants enjoyed the greatest interest not to mention the fact that more and more companies are into their own electricity production. Attractive financing forms such provide extra incentives. Leasing is undoubtedly one of such forms. Solar installation was one of the most popular topics of this year's the ENEX / ENEX New Energy expos.
28 april 2020
The World Health Organization (WHO) has published technical behaviour guidelines during a coronavirus pandemic.
22 april 2020
Since Monday, parks, forests and boulevards have been made available again, thus can grab a bike and relax whilst riding in nature. We need to maintain safety rules assigned for the pandemic period.


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