KIELCE BIKE-EXPO (29.09-1.10.2022)

11th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO



Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have always put the highest business quality of the event we organise at the top of our priority list. Having listened to our Exhibitors’ feedback and the opinions of Partners we cooperate with, we made the difficult decision to postpone the Kielce Bike-Expo until 2023. We want to thank you for your substantive support and commitment. Feel assured that we will use the time before the next bicycle expo’s commencement to create an even more valuable event for you. Furthermore, we will make it a more attractive space for international business meetings.





10 august 2022
The development of bicycle mobility in cities - this topic of this year's BIKE IN THE CITY - A UTILITY VEHICLE! - the 2nd edition of the event organised during the KIELCE BIKE-EXPO 2022. The Rowerowe Katowice association is the event's co-organiser
25 may 2022
Consumer research, articles, a webinar, social media activities and a movie - this is how the Polish Cycling Association persuades Poles that it is worth switching to bicycles, especially electric onee. All for health and better well-being.
01 february 2022
Entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the tax relief for the expansion and development of companies. Expo participation is included in the scheme. Companies will pay much lower income tax when making use of this opportunity!