KIELCE BIKE-EXPO (29.09-1.10.2022)

12th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO

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rowery na targach BIKE-EXPO

A bicycle fiesta at Targi Kielce. Kielce BIKE-EXPO 2022

Electric and traditional bikes, the cargo industry and last-mile logistics, companies from around the world - this is just a sneak preview of this year's Kielce BIKE-EXPO 2022. The Targi Kielce Bicycle show promises to be really compelling.

The ever-growing popularity of bicycles, which have already proven to be a real hit, has advanced the whole business sector. More and more companies spring up like mushrooms; not only do they offer equipment, but also new technologies and business solutions. Thus bicycles enter a whole new realm, the advance to become the leading form of transport in Europe and the world. This trend is also recognised in Poland. All these factors make the expo dedicated to the bicycle industry needed and welcome.

Targi Kielce meets the needs and demands of producers, distributors, traders and customers; Kielce BIKE-EXPO Bike Expo is thus held already for the twelfth time. The event is the best place to learn about the latest trends, try and test the equipment and get to know each other, both on the business and private plane.

BIKE-EXPO offers start-up the opportunity to mark their presence in the industry. Experienced business leaders are here to reconfirm their standing.

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce from 29 September to 1 October 2022.

01 february 2022
Entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the tax relief for the expansion and development of companies. Expo participation is included in the scheme. Companies will pay much lower income tax when making use of this opportunity!