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rowery na targach BIKE-EXPO

The hybrid expo - double the efficiency

Cycling aficionados and bike-geeks brought together in Targi Kielce for their holiday. 1-3 October – this time has been booked for the event crafted around two wheels lovers.

For the first time, on-site exhibitors are offered the special, free-of-charge access to the VIRTUAL BUSINESS PLATFORM.  This unique platform boosts your business' dynamics - check out and see the details.

A bicycle is now one of the safest means of transport. Consumers have already recognised this asset.  Those who consider buying a two-wheeler of their dreams, those who would like to learn more about the offer available in the market cannot possibly miss the Targi Kielce's October events.

Every year, all routes, from all corners of the world lead to Targi Kielce, the meeting venue for shop owners, bicycle parts manufacturers, and two-wheeled trips enthusiasts.  The Cyclists' Holiday in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre is the celebration based on massive success.

This year's expo marks the first-time development. Targi Kielce facilitates virtual contact with new and existing partners and offers Kielce Bike Expo exhibitors the 24/7 access.  Join the Kielce Bike-Expo as an exhibitor and get free access to the innovative sales platform. The platform access is a part of the registration fee. The portal offers a golden opportunity to increase your products' visibility. Attract more companies from around the world. The online tool also allows you to contact international contractors directly.  Make the best of the offer of hybrid expo offer, the combination of traditional and cutting-edge solutions.

One platform, many opportunities for your business #GainMore

  • Acquisition of customers from all over the world
  • Your business at your fingertips - 24/7 access
  • An appealing and effective presentation form for advertising and information materials
  • The latest products and premières at one glance
  • Access to seminars, webinars, training sessions and conferences
  • Brand image enhancement
  • Bespoke meeting calendar

The platform is a perfect solution for those who want to keep expanding and increasing customers outreach. The platform offers the chance to become familiar with the latest products put on the market, establish contact with the most prominent industry players and to expand knowledge owing to experts meetings participation.

You are only one step away from increasing your business effectiveness. Make the right decision and check out the VIRTUAL BUSINESS PLATFORM offer.  Choose a package which meets your and your business' expectations.

The Targi Kielce BIKE EXPO brings together exhibitors from all over the world, the expo stands are the display for the largest and most recognisable brands, flagship products. This is also the place to stage products première presentations.  Market entrants join the expo and make the market players watch their offer with awe. KIELCE BIKE EXPO is the best place to present market latest developments,  one-stop-shop which unites crowds of prospective customers and those interested in a comprehensive and diversified bicycles assortment. 

A direct meeting is the best way to achieve business goals, this holds true for a long time.  Therefore, the Kielce exhibition and congress centre is definitely for the autumn season – this time of the year features events galore.  Out of utmost concern for our guests' safety, we have introduced a number of measures to enable their participation in the events we organise. The eight multi-functional booths equipped with body temperature screening systems and automatic disinfection - the so-called decontamination functions have been installed at the expo centre.  These devices are here to help meet sanitary requirements and enable personal sanitary control.  In addition to the innovative booths, the necessary precautions are also in place for the whole exhibition duration, including regular disinfection of frequently touched infrastructure elements.  The autumn events' participants will be offered extra points of sale operating in front of the terminals. Face-covering masks, gloves and anti-virus fluids will be distributed there.  The Kielce exhibition and congress centre is equipped with ample of information boards, traffic-directing signs as well as strategic facilities such as medical service units in addition to personal protective equipment distribution points.

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce from 1 to 3 October 2020.  Extreme cycling experiences galore guaranteed.

29 september 2020
The organisation of industry-wide, international projects often also means making difficult decisions. Meeting the event participants' expectations comes on the top of our priority. Based on talks with exhibitors and the detailed bicycle industry analysis, we resolved to change the date of the traditional Kielce Bike-Expo
10 july 2020
The 11th International Fair of Bicycle Industry Kielce Bike- Expo is the whole bike industry's most awaited event. This upcoming show – 1-3 October 2020.
06 july 2020
If you live in Mazovia or Wielkopolska Regions, you may find trips to the seaside or to the mountains too long a journey. Fortunately, central Poland also abounds in interesting cycling routes of various lengths. This is our selection
29 june 2020
Scooters, boards, electric scooters have storm-taken the market. Small, agile devices are designed to help you reach your destination in practically no time. The largest number of supporters live in crowded cities. Thus they find the solutions the best way to save time and also offer a great dynamic relaxation time
15 june 2020
New rules regarding pandemic code of conduct now make it possible to ride a bike without wearing face masks. You can also meet your friends. A long, active weekend is now over
02 june 2020
In the coronavirus pandemic era, sports stores have seen a real siege, after several weeks’ restrictions imposed by the government, everything is slowly returning to normal. Cyclists have also hit the streets
28 april 2020
Last year was a record-breaking one for the solar industry. According to, small home solar power plants enjoyed the greatest interest not to mention the fact that more and more companies are into their own electricity production. Attractive financing forms such provide extra incentives. Leasing is undoubtedly one of such forms. Solar installation was one of the most popular topics of this year's the ENEX / ENEX New Energy expos.
28 april 2020
The World Health Organization (WHO) has published technical behaviour guidelines during a coronavirus pandemic.
22 april 2020
Since Monday, parks, forests and boulevards have been made available again, thus can grab a bike and relax whilst riding in nature. We need to maintain safety rules assigned for the pandemic period.
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