KIDS' TIME (22-24.02.2023)

13th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS TIME



Kids' Time Fair abounds with surprising novelties

kids-time-zdjecie-ogolne-2023.jpg [206.30 KB] A remote-controlled pram, a car seat notifying the parent that a child has been left in the car, and many recycled toys -these and many more were presented at the 13th Kids' Time Expo. The expo stands were dominated by business talks and contracting. The Expo has returned after a pandemic break; not only has the child-product business sector expo met the exhibitors' expectations. The trade show also made it possible to discover many new products.

Novelties offered by manufacturers of toys, prams and car seats

Luxury pushchairs controlled by remote control, a car seat with an application notifying that a child has remained in the car, toys and recycled articles - the novelties presented at the Targi Kielce's Kids' Time Expo surprised with functions. The features are designed to help the carer in the decision-making process. New products offer the utmost of environmental care. BeSafe has presented the latest model of the car seat, equipped with a system for notifying parents about the fact that a child remained in the car. – The parent's phone is equipped with the application paired with the car seat; when the caretaker moves away from the car, a notification is sent. If the message is ignored, a special alert is then sent to the phone numbers stored in the application - says the company specialist, Tomasz Świergolik. Modern technology make us used to comfort and luxury,  Targi Kielce was thus the presentation stage for a remote-controlled pram.  – Our stroller also has a cradle function and an automatic brake. Soon the standard collection will be enhanced with ambient lighting for improved visibility and safety – said Mateusz Trylski, the owner of the Junama brand. This and many other strollers were presented at the annual Kids' Time, the meeting of child products and services business sector representatives. An increasing number of entrepreneurs have been concerned with environmental protection;  they use recycled plastic for making toys. This trend has been even more apparent. The Wader-Wozniak RePlay Sustainable collection is one of many examples. The product's concept relates to the Reuse, Recycle, Replay principle. The idea put into practice means that the new series of toys is made entirely from raw materials obtained from consumer plastic waste in a circular economy recycling process. The company employs the latest technologies. – said Ewelina Kozielska, Marketing Manager.  Subdued colours, characteristic of recycled products, could be seen at many stands. This abundance confirms that many companies have presented a serious stance on environmental protection.

New categories in the Kids' Time Star contest and record breaking number of competition entries!

The Jury Panel evaluated over 100 applications; the panel of experts was chaired by Marek Jankowski, founder and publisher of the Branża Dziecięca business-insider magazine, the media partner of the KIDS' TIME expo. For the first time, the contest appraised products in as many as 15 categories. For years the KIDS' TIME STAR statuettes have been awarded to the best of the best - the most innovative and most exciting products, both those which have made debut in the market and those which already enjoy a well-established position. The contest results can be found in "prizes and awards" tab In addition to the "Kids Stars", awards of the "Branża Dziecięca" magazine and the portal also presented their accolades and thus honoured the best 2022's products. The Toy of the Year and Parents' Award competition bestowed the products with quality seals.

Toy manufacturers witness sales increases

kids-time-2023 The toy market in Poland earned PLN 7.3 billion in 2022; compared to 2021, the total market value grew by 12.5 per cent. The building blocks sector reported the most significant increase of over 19% compared to the previous year.  – The market is dominated by Lego, which is ahead of the competition more than three times. A particular increase was reported during the pandemic - said Paweł Schmidt from RMD Research, a company specialising in Retail Tracking research for Poland's toy market. In recent years, the licensed products sale, i.e. products manufactured by different manufacturers under one brand, has become exceptionally profitable. Licenced products' popularity keeps growing. Apart from the building blocks market, Disney, Warner Bros and Microsoft are the most frequently licensed brands in Poland. The expo participants were offered the opportunity to become acquainted with these data when visiting the License Zone - one of the novelties of the Kids' Time Expo.

World experts lecture at the children's Expo

The Business Forum, held for the thirteenth time, was an important point of the children's industry trade show;  for three days, many industry professionals delivered their presentations on the man stage. One of the specialists presenting was New York-based toy specialist Rayne Rice, who shared her knowledge on the upcoming 2023 trends. Export of Polish products to the United Kingdom was explained by Szymon Niestryjewski from SN Accounts. The Speech Arena also featured: Paweł Szmidt - Business Development Manager from RMD Research, Katarzyna Dziadkowska - HR Business Partner, Dominka Maciejak - the sales, customer service and management trainer at SkillPoint stores, Magdalena Jabłońska-Pudlak - the team manager for Ecolabel Certification at the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, Mike Korba - the Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder at, marketing automation expert, Engineer, PhD. Hab Beata Grynkiewicz-Bylina, head of the Laboratory of Materials and Environmental Engineering at ITG Komag, and Monika PhD. Żuraw from the Żuraw&Pikora law firm.

New Zones and foreign guests at the Kids' Time expo

kids-time-2023-galeria-03.jpg For the first time at the KIDS' Time Fair - the Expo Debuts Zone for the nine first-comers. The companies offering innovative products put the best foot forward. The child products and services business sector's assortment included baby monitors, remote-controlled swings, a self-heating bottle, car footrests and educational board games. Foreign journalists and participants of the Hosted Buyers programme followed all the presentations and became familiar with the products. The Hosted Buyer programme attracted several dozen representatives of the industry and buyers. Kielce hosted such countries as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Romania, Slovenia, Morocco and even the United Arab Emirates. The objective war to make the foreign guests acquainted with the exhibitors' offer and establish business contacts.

Marko has been associated with Targi Kielce for a long time

On the third day of the Kids' Time Expo, the Marko expo stand witnessed the signing of an agreement on further cooperation between the current Strategic Partner of the Kids' Time Expo and Targi Kielce. Mr Andrzej Mochoń PhD, Targi Kielce President of Board and Mr Janusz Musioł -  the owner of Marko have signed the agreement  Marko has been associated with the KIDS' TIME fair for years, and the firm has been present on the Polish market since 1991. Ever since it was founded, Marko has been growing rapidly, and now it has advanced to become the toy market leader.

The 13th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME brought together almost 300 exhibitors, including 40 foreign firms from 13 countries.

We look forward to seeing you in a year's time.

24 february 2023
On the third day of the Kids' Time Expo, the Marko expo stand witnessed the signing of an agreement on further cooperation between the current Strategic Partner of the Kids' Time Expo and Targi Kielce. Mr Andrzej Mochoń PhD, Targi Kielce President Board and Mr Janusz Musioł - the owner of Marko have signed the agreement
24 february 2023
The opportunities offered by the report on the toy market were presented by Paweł Szmidt, market development manager at RMD Research. The sessio was a part of the Kids' Time Expo in Kielce. – The data we provide is not an estimation, it is the total of the sales. So there is no estimation error. - reverberates the lecturer
23 february 2023
For the first time in its history, the KIDS' Time expo witnessed the Trade Fair Debuts Zone. The nine companies offering innovative products and active in the children's industry presented their portfolios. The debuts included baby monitors, remote-controlled swings, a self-heating bottle, car footrests, educational board games, and baptism and communion outfits. The KIDS' TIME Expo continues until 24 February
23 february 2023
Another day ahead of us. This expo unveiling promises to be really interesting. Today, debutants come to the fore - the Speech Arena at 11.00. Many interesting lectures by experts follow the first-comers arena
22 february 2023
The 13th KIDS' TIME - the toy industry expo walks the talsk and fulfills its promises when it comes to industry knowledge offered at the show
22 february 2023
The KIDS' TIME STAR awards - the expo tradition. Every year, the best manufacturers of articles for infants and older children, producers and distributors of prams, car seats, and products for parents compete for prizes awarded by the competition Jury Panel composed of experts
22 february 2023
The International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME is the opportunity to present accolades and distinctions at the “Toy of the Year” competition. - Toys should meet the child's needs, boost their interests, offer joy. In order to meet htese requirements, toys do not have to be expensive - said Magdalena Kordaszewska, the organiser of the Competition
22 february 2023
Premieres galore and ample of novelties. Global brands and the best industry experts For three days Targi Kielce hosts nearly 300 exhibitors, including 40 foreign ones; the Kids' Time expo returns to Kielce after a pandemic break.
21 february 2023
We already know the detailed agenda of the License Zone - meetings with industry experts and knowledge about licensed products at your fingertips. The new expo sphere has been created for the exhibitors; the space is available on expo two days, i.e. 22 and 23 February 2023. All you need to do to participate in the event is to register - subject to availability
20 february 2023
"Ecological toys - what are they? Don't fall into the greenwashing trap" is duscussed at the lecture by Magdalena Jabłońska-Pudlak from the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification. Mike Korba has worked in this industry for 17 years. Mike will talk about what to do to be remembered. Join his lecture on "Let them remember you - the story of a great customer experience"
19 february 2023
The company's mission is to take you into the magical world of unusual events every time you want to play a game to make time spent with family and friends enjoyable. The company has expanded its offer and has continued to follow the latest trends. Your preferences are also acomodated
18 february 2023
Especially for those exhibitors who have not participated in the children's industry trade fair so far, we have created a unique presentations space. On Thursday, 23 February, from 11.30, the Speech Arena in the E Expo Hall puts new companies in the spotlight - they have time to present their portfolios and brands to a wider audience
17 february 2023
Friday, 10 February, marks the deadline for submitting products to this year's edition of the Kids' Time Star competition. More than 100 products from 16 categories will compete for the statuette. The winners of the prestigious "star" will be announced during the awarding ceremony held on the first day of the expo, i.e. 22 February at 12.00
17 february 2023
Tactic Games Oy celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Polish branch during the Kids' Time expo. The Finnish company is considered Scandinavia's most ecological producer - its factory in Pori, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, the firm produces 5 million games, puzzles and mascots
15 february 2023
The Neno brand mission is to support women in the first moments of motherhood and provide them with solutions to help organise a new reality. The Neno brand specialises in the production of modern electronic breast pumps, intelligent electronic baby monitors, aspirators, medical thermometers and nebulisers
10 february 2023
For the twelfth time "Tako" will present its latest prams, articles and products for children at the X Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child Kids' Time. TAKO is a leading manufacturer of prams and stroller and articles for children as well as rehabilitation equipment. As a family business, TAKO makes sure that the experience it has acquired on the way and tradition are passed down from generation to generation.
10 february 2023
If you are not indifferent to our planet's fate, be sure to visit the expo stand of Wader-Woźniak and discover the latest, revolutionary line of RePlay Sustainable toys created from the need to reduce the amount of plastic in the world, reduce the carbon footprint and provide our children with a better future
09 february 2023
Strollers and prams have been one of the most popular products in the children's industry for years, the completion of the layette often begins with a pram choice. Among the companies presenting prams and strollers there are also Coletto and Zokky creators
09 february 2023
A and C Expo Halls are the toy companies' domain; 22-24 February, the 13th Kids' Time will be the home for a plethora of toy-businesses. The first expo stands are already being developed, in less than 2 weeks, the largest producers and distributors will come to Kielce, and among them: Wader, Dumel, Playmobil, Dante, Ateneum, MZ, Orbico, MGA, TM Toys, Cobi, Marioinex, Tuban, Dami, Bayer Design, Haba, TY Poland
08 february 2023
ags92 is a distributor of many major worldwide brands in baby products industry, operating in four countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Our company has been running since 1992. We distribute brands such as Petite&Mars, Avent, Oball, Baby Einstein, Bright Starts, Ingenuity, Disney Baby, Chicco, OK Baby, Nuby, Nattou, Baby Dab, Babyono, Aquaint and My Happy Planet and many more.
07 february 2023
The Hosted Buyers program, launched especially for this event unveiling, positively reverberated with the business milieus - representatives of the industry will come to Kielce from countries such as: Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Romania, Slovenia, Morocco and even the United Arab Emirates. This, combined with foreign journalists and experts who have announced their presence, makes this year's meeting genuinely international
06 february 2023
Following the many-year tradition, KIDS’ TIME exhibitors will be able to register their products for the KIDS 'TIME STAR Competition; Friday is this year’s deadline. This year, a larger group of articles for children and parents will compete for the statuette. This opportunity stems from the decision of the Jury Panel to expand the competition categories to include new articles. If you think that your product deserves to be awarded the Kids' Time Star, make sure to register for the competition
03 february 2023
The first day of the Kids' Time Expo witnesses the awarding gala ceremony at the 16th "Toy of the Year/Parents' Award" competition; at 10:00 am, the main stage in hall E welcomes the portal announcing its winners. Laureates will receive the titles of the Toy of the Year and the Parents' Award
31 january 2023
At Petite&Mars, we know that becoming a mum and dad is the most wonderful experience of a lifetime. To help parents enjoy parenthood to the full, we offer carefully selected and lovingly made products. We look forward to bringing joy into the lives of young parents, while easing them into their new role in life. So that they have more time for themselves and their children!
26 january 2023
The LaMere brand invites everyone to its world. In their universe, every detail matters. The clothes for girls and boys are produced in Poland; the highest quality fabrics and knitted fabrics are the company’s tradearks. The company has always been guided by the principle - quality over quantity
24 january 2023
The co-founder of agency specializing in sales on e-commerce platforms, the founder of SN Accounts, an accounting office in the UK, which has been strengthening the position of Polish companies in United Kingdom for several years. The office provides comprehensive accounting, marketing, recruitment and business consulting services.
11 january 2023
For the first time, foreign buyers visiting the Kids' Time Expo will be able to make the best of the dedicated Hosted Buyers program. Companies have already confirmed their presence at the expo, they represent Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few.
21 december 2022
The Kids' Time Star competition and award have become a permanent element of the children's expo held at the beginning of the year. In the next event's unveiling - 22-24 February 2023 in Targi Kielce, a larger group of articles for children and parents will compete for the statuette. This is owed to the competition categories extension to include new products
20 december 2022
Especially for Kids' Time exhibitors, we have created a new program. The new endeavour guarantees access to foreign buyers and business contacts establishment. The participation of child products and services business sector's representatives from all over the world and the fact that they join the program offers a perfect opportunity for all exhibitors. This is an extra boost to present their offer to a wide range of new audiences from around the world
29 november 2022
The toy industry expert from New York again pays a visit to the Kids' Time expo and speaks to the participants of the largest meeting in the child products and services business sector in this part of Europe. Reyne Rice presents the latest toy trends. Reyne Rice has been recognized as the competent and objective voice of the industry for over 30 years. Her opinions on games, technology and entertainment impact the global toy market.
18 november 2022
There is still some time left before Poland’s largest meeting of child products and services business sector representatives. Preparations are in full swing. We know more details. Especially for you - here is the updated list of lectures held at the Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child; 22-24 February 2023 in Targi Kielce.
15 november 2022
The 13th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child - February 22-24, 2023. Early-bird registration is now possible. Join in today and start the count down before the start of the largest meeting of the children's industry in Poland.
19 october 2022
The international brands mark their presence at the largest meeting of kids industry business sector in this part of Europe. Their presence attracts attention of foreign journalists and experts. Many have already confirmed their presnce at the show; there will be representations from United States, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Sweden and Germany
12 october 2022
We encourage you to visit the brand new website dedicated to the Kids' Time Star competition and award today if you have not done it yet. Are you interested in which brands and articles have been pronounced "stars" and have been recognised with statuettes in particular categories and years? Do you want to meet the respectable Jury Panel? Do you enjoy traveling in time to visit previous editions? Memories are cherished with multimedia. You must visit the website
09 june 2022
The 13th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS 'TIME will be held from 22 to 24 February 2023. On 2 June, the Sigma Conference Room hosted a meeting of the Program Board. The most important topics related to next year's event were discussed.
10 february 2022
For the 11th time, the company and trader of the year have been selected in the poll organised by the Kids' Time's main media partner - the "Branża Dziecięca" [child products and services business sector] magazine
20 december 2021
Compelling presentations and lectures which feature foreign guests who join the Business Forum - this is the early herald for attractions galore at the upcoming KIDS’ TIME. The lineup is truly promising!
15 december 2021
The electronic registration system for the expo participants has been launched. Take a look at the Exhibitor's Portal!
03 december 2021
Reyne Rice from New York intends to visit the upcoming KIDS' TIME expo