KIDS' TIME (20-22.02.2019)

10th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS TIME

wspolne-ufi-approved KIDS' TIME 2019 - the record-breaking child business-sector's expo

kids time - targi dla branży dziecięcej Over 20,000 meters, 564 companies from around the world and 9 exhibition halls - the jubilee and at the same time the record-breaking International Fair of Articles for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME hosted over 8,200 visitors.

The world’s smallest pram, a car seat with air cushions, wooden magnetic blocks and programmable robots for the youngest. Everything mothers and children need. Kielce exhibition and congress centre’s expo halls have again become the kids industry one-stop-shop. Europe’s rankings runner-up among all child-product business sector expos is now over; this year’s edition has proven to be a record-breaking one. The number of exhibitors has increased by over 10% compared to last year’s expo - over 20,000 meters of exhibition space in the 7 regular expo halls complemented with the 2 extra pavilions built for the purpose was the display for producers and distributors from 19 countries, including Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Italy and other countries. Thus, KIDS 'TIME has advanced to become one of the most international exhibitions in the Targi Kielce’s portfolio. Foreign companies account for 20% of all exhibitors. Following previous years’ example, the expo was held in the b2B format. - We keep returning to Kielce and prosper for new customers, find new business contacts and new markets whose representatives mark their presence in Kielce. Every year we bring back new collections which closely follow the global trends - said Grzegorz Gajewski from Sofija. The exhibitors can themselves assess how effectiveness is the expo - (...) all exhibitors want the expo to yield as many orders and contacts as possible. And this is what the Kielce expo delivers. - says Łukasz Kot from the Eko.

zabawki i artykuły dla dzieci na targach dziecięcych kids time The best prams and strollers, toys and products for children win the KIDS' TIME STAR statuettes.

Following the previous editions’ tradition, the most innovative products win the KIDS' TIME STAR statuettes. The Jury Panel chaired by Marek Jankowski, the publisher of the BRANŻA DZIECIĘCA magazine, the expo media partner selected the winners. 4Kraft,Avionaut, GRANATOVO, Scandinavian Baby, G3 and MARIOINEX have now entered the award-winning companies fellowship. Artyk and Tako celebrated their anniversaries at the jubilee expo. MARKO, Euro-Trade, PLAYMOBIL, "Children's Branch" and "Świat zabawek" - the companies which have participated in KIDS' TIME since the first expo edition were also honoured.- We have been here for 10 times in a row. We started with 12 metre expo stand that has expanded to 700.We gained the nickname - the expo godfather. We were the first large company so closely associated with this trade fair - said Janusz Musioł, owner of Marko, the strategic partner of KIDS 'TIME.

The child products business sector - problem-focussed discussions on international arena

kids time - łóżeczka i artykuły dla niemowląt i matek karmiących na targach dziecięcych w kielcach In addition to the rich and diversified exhibition offer, the expo agenda abounded with conferences and meetings. Social media and e-commerce specialists were the keynote speakers at the sessions. Reyne Rice - a world-renowned expert in children's toys made her presentation, which, as usually has generated an avid interest. Reyne Rice offered a deep insight into toy trends which reign supreme in European markets - movement - the product lines designed to make children take up physical activity are listed among the very popular trends. 

 "WOW Effect" is also at the top. A child is surprised several times; it starts with choosing the toy. The child does not known what colour and shape the toy is. Some toys you have to even wash and dry to see their true nature. Paweł Szmidt, a representative of RMD Research talked about the excellent condition of the children's products industry. In his lecture Szmidt pointed out to the market’s over 5 percent increase compared to 2017. This is a sustained up-trend. However, parents tastes have changed - building blocks, are no longer in fashion, parents now opt for  sport equipment  as the top choice. Other lectures focused on loyalty programmes management methods with the use of the payment terminal. Important information on phthalates contained in toys were also provided at the expo. For the consecutive time, the expo was also the home for the Polish-Russian "Round Table" - the debate about the potentials and possibilities of the eastern markets. The meeting was a discussion platform for, inter alia Russia’s children's products market and pro-family policy, the children's clothing market in the context of the Poland-Russia relations. Representatives of Polish companies and Russian retail chains were the meeting’s active participants.

kids time - wózki dziecięce na targach branży dziecięcej i artykułów dla dzieci KIDS' TIME has traditionally hosted representatives of the foreign press and media from Russia, Sweden, England, Germany, Turkey and the USA.They published their observations in, Lek & Babyrevyn, Nursery Online, Toys, Toy Book and Baby&Kid Store.In addition to journalists, the trade show was graced with the presence of official delegations from Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and China. The guest list included:  Olga Kirillova - Chief Specialist in Export Support Management at the Moscow Export Centre the Russian Federation and Darja Gaidenraich - President of the Children's Industry Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Director of Detstvo.

On the game board and in the bowling alley - sports excitement at KIDS 'TIME

This year's KIDS 'TIME offered sport excitement in a vintage unveiling... the special zone was created for the first time. That was the realm of retro toys and the best board games. The zone offered the possibility to try your hand and play games and the activities which date back to the People’s Republic of Poland’s times. This was also a display of museum exhibits and the toys awarded in the 10th edition of the "Kid-friendly toy" competition. The Kielce Museum of Toys and Play which celebrates its 40th anniversary took care of the proper setting. On the other hand, all enthusiasts of contemporary board games were offered a real treat - novelties and iconic products from Trefel, Granny, Rebel, Nasza Księgarnia and Tactica.The board games mechanics was also discussed in Wojciech Chuchla and Przemysław Wojtkowiak’s lecture, the representatives of the Rebel company.The listeners learned about the advantages of family games, what are the Eurogames and what mechanics are sealed in.Of course, the latest trends discussion was a must. Once the intellectual struggle over board games was over, the exhibitors had the chance to compete in the bowling tournament. In the LADIES category winners - Lena Hedö (Leksaks Revyn) before Elena Kakhanova (DETSKIY MIR VITA) and Anna Vorotnikova (FEST).Krzysztof Gebel (PULIO) was the player who scored the most strikes. The team classification features the Mammutico company as the best team, the second place - the representatives of the "BRANŻA DZIECIĘCA Children's Industry" magazine, while the lowest rank on the podium is occupied by the Pulio company.

zabawki na targach artykułów dziecięcych kids time KIDS' TIME for kids

Not only is the birthday  a great opportunity to celebrate, but also to give a helping hand. This is a special year for us the  KIDS 'TIME helps children who are at the same patients of the Stationary Hospice for Children and the Medical Centre,  the Intervention Pre-Optional Centre Tuli Luli and the Centre for Therapy and Help for the Child and Family, CUKINIA, in which the children who are hurt and who experienced a hard-time receive support. All these initiatives are owed to  GAJUSZ Foundation. The exhibitors had the opportunity to offer their products in order to support the Foundation. When you do good things, good things happen! For the consecutive edition, Targi Kielce has been the "Child-Friendly World" competition’s partner - this is a unique project of the Children's Rights Protection Committee.

Children's blogosphere

Once again, representatives of the blogosphere were the part of the expo. A dentist who is also a mother, the reptile-gadget blogger, a mother of a safe toddler, 2 plus 4 blogger... just to mention a few of those who called in the expo. For the first time, the expo hosted bloggers who deal with board games from - gradania and

The 11th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child  KIDS' TIME  is  held in Targi Kielce from 19 to 21 February 2020. We look forward to seeing you.




12 february 2020

The KIDS 'TIME Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child - not only is this the place to present the latest prams, car seats and restrainers, furniture, clothes, toys and everything a mother and child need. The exhibition offers the chance to present your company in an excellent way

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