International Drone Event-annual IDEa

Drony w Targach Kielce - International Drone Event annual IDEa 2018

An small-scale event which makes the waves globally Beginnings can be difficult.

However expanding the Kielce exhibition and congress centre's calendar with a proposal for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles industry has turned out to be a hit. The IDEa, i.e. the International Drone Event - annual stands the chance to position itself as an important meeting on the drones-focussed global map of events.

The event was divided into four, complementary zones. The first - the EXPO zone was used by the industry giants to present their offering. The latest technologies were presented by, inter alia, PIX4D  and DJI. Not only did the visitors have the chance to talk about technical properties, but also to see the drone  performing live in a special shows zone. The combination of these zones resulted in the fact that the expo participants started to talk shop.

- In my opinion as well as in team's opinion this is a promising expo - Katarzyna Niebrzydowska from DJI Dilectror recapitulates her company's expo participation  - despite the low-scale format  the interest in the event is huge. The guests  are people in high positions, the decision-makers. We are very interested in participating in next year's IDEa expo.

Targi Kielce - problem-focussed discussions on UAV

The EXPO and demonstration zones were enhanced with the problem-focused, two-day conference which discussed various issues related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The versatile UAV use is increasingly recognized and used in search and rescue services - said Radoslaw Zych of the FlyTech UAV company which founded the LOPR association two years ago. This an organization's objective is to help in the rescue operations by employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles solutions. Drones for the construction sector. The latest methods for inventory and surveillance measurements and a widespread use of BIM technology for the civil engineering was also discussed during the Targi Kielce conference. The representatives of the Polish Investment and Surveying Consortium - Łukasz Kacprzak and Krzysztof Pietroń discussed the issue.

Drones can help in agriculture - Caroline Bailey's speech from thePIX4D company offered a thorough insight into the problem. The company offers a wide range of products which can be used for terrestrial photos or aerial photogrammetry photos obtained with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Mariusz Kacprzak from the Institute of Aviation also spoke about the possibilities related with the unmanned aerial vehicles used in the service of nature protection and conservation. The speaker referred to the Hesof project whose objective is innovative technologies integration with innovative forest cultivation methods. This may include use of drones to assess the oak forests conditions.

Targu dronów - International Drone Event annual IDEa 2018 An infrared camera equipped unmanned aerial vehicles can also be used in the industry - Workswell representative Jaroslav Bohm discussed the issue in the conference. He presented Workswell-developed Workswell Wiris thermal imaging camera equipped with a special software for gas leaks surveillance. This proves very helpful in the oil and gas industry. Łukasz Olszewski from Vimap outlined the use of drones in the power industry. UAV's help in monitoring, maintenance, operation and prevention of electrical grid failures.The laser scanning advantages for high quality measurement data obtained drone was discussed by Jacek Krawiec, the Riegl brand's distributor. Interestingly, drones can also predict weather with a special system which used GNSS observation data - professor Witold Rohm,  University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw presented the topic.

The B2B zone - an important part of the IDEa expo

The exhibition industry is nothing else but the meetings industry.These was meetings abundance at the International Drone Event - annual. A special B2B zone vibrated with life for many hours. The zone hosted the Ukrainian Antonov engineers who prosper for UAV contractors - this was the purpose of their visit to Targi Kielce Congress Centre. The conversations results are confidential for now.





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