HEAT TREATMENT Expo - new trade show in the "Industrial Autumn 2018" palette A great debut at Targi Kielce

Metal Heat Treatment Expo is a new exhibition in the Targi Kielce calendar. This is a unique event in this part of Europe, solely dedicated to a wide group of companies from the heat treatment and heating devices business sector.  HEAT TREATMENT first edition gathered many foreign exhibitors. Their next edition in two years’ time.

For over 25 years  Targi Kielce has met the clients’ expectations. The METAL Expo Business Council hand in hand with exhibitors have resolved to add a new event to the trade fair palette - thus the METAL focussed series of "Industrial Autumn" events expanded. - For a long time, exhibitors of the METAL expo indicated the need to create a new trade show - HEAT TREATMENT crafted around the metals heat treatment sector.

Visitors group was composed of management of the heat treatment industry as well as engineers and constructors, process and service engineers, quality control departments' representatives, traders. 

The World Foundry Congress Participants visit Kielce!

First edition HEAT TREATMENT was marked with the visit of the participants of the 73rd  World Foundry Congress held in Krakow from 23 to 27 September  2018 - the WFC was orchestrated with the "Industrial Autumn". Several hundred Congress guests were present in Targi Kielce on 26 September - they visited all exhibitions, including HEAT TREATMENT expo ones. It was a great opportunity for exhibitors to present their offers to the best professionals from around the world, including those from Japan, France, the United States and Germany.

Heat treatment industry meets in Kielce

The first-time expo’s product and service range included heat treatment furnaces and heat-treatment devices, thermo-chemical treatment appliances, furnaces for alloys melting and holding and equipment for alloys modification.  The exp was a showcase for a wide and diversified offer of component and consumables, as well as processes and technologies for heat treatment complemented with control and measurement devices.

The event organisers went an extra mile and thus created a special service and advisory zone. The first edition of the HEAT TREATMENT  brought together the leading and most vibrant market players, including foreign ones from Germany, Italy, Slovenia, the United States, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The debut trade fair enabled foreign brands to launch new products onto the dynamically developing Polish market as well as to strengthen the position of those which have been in Polish market for years.

Seminars and meetings 

The HEAT TREATMENT main partner is KANTHAL - a German company ranked among the world leaders  of the resistive heating industry. The "Industrial Autumn" was the chance for KANTHAL to presented many new products, including  KANTHAL FLOW HEATER (the product which won the Targi Kielce award)  as well as Electrical Heating Systems    : Cathode Heater. Anode Heater. STUB Heater and Ladle Heater.  KANTHAL was also the organizer of the "Innovative solutions for the metal industry made by Kanthal", seminar chaired by Engineer  Marcus Mann PhD.

On the first HEAT TREATMENT day there was also the seminar on "Induction hardening in technological processes".  Professor Engineer  Jerzy Barglik PhD. Hab. from the Department of Industrial Informatics, Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy  of the Silesian University of Technology and ELCON company were the meeting organisers.

Good forecasts for the heat treatment industry

Companies from the heat treatment industry have come in large numbers in order to showcase at the METAL expo - this continued for several years and was therefore reflected by the growing number of visitors. Increased interest of companies which supply furnaces and other heat treatment equipment as well as of service providers is the result of Poland's good economic situation and the markets up-trend. A favourable climate for investment is an incentive to buy cutting-edge machines and equipment as well as to introduce modern technologies.  Polish companies have constantly modernised – there is an ongoing modernisation of stock of machines and tools, quality of products and services improvement to be at par with the world's most stringent requirements. This increases the Polish industry's competitive advantage  on the international arena. 

The decision to hold a separate event during the "Industrial Autumn" was justified. Its successful début serves as the best proof.  The HEAT TREATMENT Expo has become a perfect complement to the METAL, RECYKLING, COTROL-TECH and ALUMINUM  & NONFERMET.

The next edition of HEAT TREATMENT is held in autumn 2020.

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