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KIELCE FLUID POWER 2020 For the 13th time, the Fair of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Drives and Controls will be held in Targi Kielce. From 2019 on, the expo has gained a new name  - KIELCE FLUID POWER

Innovative pneumatic systems, i.e. motors, actuators, valves, transducers, compressors and gears - the Fair of Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Drives and Controls KIELCE FLUID POWER held from 22 to 24 September 2020 in Targi Kielce is a real treat for specialists and business-insiders. The exhibition halls are the showcase for the whole hydraulic business sector - a whole array of hydraulic devices, including valves, switches, turbines, motors and engines, generators and power supply devices. The event will also abound with presentations. The Expo visitors can advantage of professional technical-advisory services. Last year's KIELCE FLUID POWER exhibitors unanimously emphasized the fact that a large number of visitors (more than 16,000 guests) came as a really positive surprise; what is even more important; the Expo guests were mainly business-insiders and professionals.

KIELCE FLUID POWER is held parallel to Targi Kielce's "Industrial Spring" - exhibitions cluster focused on metal processing, laser technologies, welding and anti-corrosive protection and measurement technologies; i.e. STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH & CUTTING, STOM-LASER, STOM-ROBOTICS TEiA,  WELDING, EXPO-SURFACE, CONTROL-STOM, WIRTOPROCESY and 3D Printing Days.

01 april 2020
The trade fair industry is one of the most severely affected business sectors - corona-virus spread hit hard - no expos have been held for several weeks. You can read about the impact of this situation on industrial trade fairs in the MM Industrial Magazine’s feature
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