10th Gas Engineering Fair EXPO-GAS

expo-gas EXPO-GAS jubilee’s is another chapter in the success story

Sky-rocketing number of attendees, a very interesting exhibition and a high level of substantive meetings made the 10 EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Fair - the event turned out to be a true gas industry holiday.

On 24 and 25 April 2019 the Targi Kielce Expo Halls for the tenth time hosted 104 exhibitors: the showcase was packed with gas networks elements, devices and receivers as well as control and measurement equipment used in gas industry. There was the abundance of materials, equipment and fitments for gas pipelines construction, gas pressure regulators, compressor stations put on show at the expo stands. The exhibition was attended by almost 3,700 visitors. The exhibitors agreed that it was the main asset of this year's event EXPO-Gas

The exhibition unique features were emphasized by Jacek Jaworski from the Oil and Gas Institute - Not only is this Poland’s only gas industry expo. It is hard to imagine our business sector without the expo.

Problem-focussed discussions on gas business sector 

expo-gas 2019 On the first EXPO-GAS 2019 day there was the knowledge-packed meeting. It was a truly significant session for the Polish gas industry held under the banner of "Energy efficiency in the gas supply chain" and organised by the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry. The first session focussed on  energy  efficiency in gas industry. Energy efficiency and cold recovery in LNG regasification  installations  were the main discussion topics. The next part focussed on operating costs reduction in gas transport. The talks focused on heat recovery in pumping stations and the use of waste energy in gas stations. The meeting participants sought knowledge about gas transport costs minimizing, including internal coatings applications.

Grand gala in the evening

The best products showcased at the EXPO-GAS as well as expo stand arrangements were awarded at the gala ceremony. This has been a long-standing EXPO-GAS tradition. The gala ceremony was the occasion to award Targi Kielce  medals and distinctions, special awards of the Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry as well as the State Decorations from the Ministry of Energy "Meritorious Service for Oil and Gas Industry" in addition to President Andrzej Duda’s Distinctions.

The next EXPO-GAS Gas Engineering Fair edition will take place in April 2021.



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15 september 2021
Ecology is a topic that appears more and more often in media and social discussions. The gas industry also finds climate change important. Targi Kielce brings together the business sector representatives at the "Gas Industry Goes Green" conference
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