ENEX / ENEX New Energy

22nd International Power Industry Fair 17th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX

energetyka i energia odnawialna na targach enex The New Energy packed expo! This year’s ENEX is now over. The ENEX / ENEX New Energy expos which bring together the energy and power engineering business sector ended in Targi Kielce.84 companies from four home and abroad took part in the event, there were representatives of Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and China.

The Kielce exhibition centre has again hosted entrepreneurs who represent the broadly defined energy and power engineering business sector. The 22nd International Power Industry Fair Enex and the 17th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX New Energy this year have proven to be a record-breaking edition - the exhibition hosted over 6,000 professional visitors!

The Enex New Energy expo stands were the showcase for the latest generations of photovoltaic panels, solar panels, heat pumps and similar. The industry’s largest players including Corab, Viessmann and ABB suggested solutions to be used. The exhibition was also the display for electric cars and equipment designed to fuel the e-mobilty road infrastructure development,  therefore the exhibition included rapid chargers and batteries that store energy in the most efficient way.

kotły grzewcze na targach energetycznych enex w kielcach The Installer of the Year competition was held for the second time. The event is getting more and more popular - 20 teams from all over Poland competed this year. Not only did the installers face professional assembly tasks, they also had to sit the knowledge test. It is worth noting that the competition is like a magnet - Targi Kielce attracts photovoltaic professionals who install panels on a daily basis.

The expo programme also included the "Heat Pump Festival" crafted around the installers - one-man teams completed hands-on tasks as well as answer questions about assembly, construction and legal regulations.

The power of traditions

The Targi Kielce also hosted traditional energy suppliers - distributors, manufacturers of transducers, network fittings and fuse strips. Among the exhibitors there were also Polish energy distributors - it is worth noting that PGE DSO is the expo partner.

The ENEX expo is a great opportunity to promote products. This year's edition was the display for DEFRO boiler premieres. The products offered by the Świętokrzyskie company meet class 5 and Ecodesign ecological standards.

konferencja na targach energetyki enex New knowledge about energy

The ENEX organisers put knowledge dissemination at the top of the priority list. The expo agenda abounded with numerous conferences, congresses and seminars. The PORT PC meeting organised under the banner of "No Bills House" was very popular among visitors. The panels addressed the issues of heat pumps use in large enterprises. Smaller buildings were also discussed - single-family and multi-family houses were in the session scope too. Experts shared tips on how to select and install photovoltaic installations so that they would offer maximum savings. Piotr Woźny took part in the discussion panel held within the scope of the meeting. Mr. Woźny is the of the Prime Minister Plenipotentiary for the "Clean Air" programme.

For the second time Targi Kielce has organised the Energy PL conference - the objective is to disseminate information on energy storage. The first thematic block went focused in energy storage in the energy market. The second panel was under the banner of Energy Storage Facilities in the e-mobility market. The conference was attended by specialists from Energoprojekt Katowice and the Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences KEZO. The Ministry of Energy offered its auspices to the expo - the Ministry representatives address legislative and legal issues regarding energy storage and the energy market. The part concerning standardizations was the food for thought. The Polish companies’ presentations followed - APS Energia, PGE, Tauron and ZPUE were on the speakers list. 

We look forward to seeing you next year. The 23rd International Power Industry Fair ENEX and the  18th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX - New Energy – welcome! 

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