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The 22nd municipal industry meetings go down in the success-story history!

sprzęt do utrzymania czystości na targach ochrony środowiska ekotech This year's EKOTECH and ENEX / ENEX New Energy prove hugely popular among Exhibitors and Visitors;  this has been a very successful edition.

Ekotech exhibitors list includes a plethora of companies, including those offering products and services portfolio includes manufacturers of machines and equipment used in waste management, manufacturers of waste transport solutions, services related to waste segregation. The exhibition presents innovative machines and devices, including electric platform vehicles, recycling machines, and the latest machines used in the municipal industry. In addition, there were ample cutting-edge solutions for waste management, including applications that facilitate waste segregation, ICT systems useful in waste collection and storage, solutions designed for comprehensive monitoring over waste collection services.  

Knowledge-focused meetings

The Ekotech guests had the opportunity to participate in meetings targeted at local government officials, entrepreneurs and those interested in waste management: Waste Management Forum and a conference held under the banner of "Together We Create Ecological Świętokrzyskie". Furthermore, the lectures held by the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations EKO-AUTO and the Ekolog company were targeted at owners and operators of vehicle dismantling stations.


Important agreements signed during the trade fair

Trade fairs also offer a great opportunity to conclude valuable agreements;  the municipal industry meetings in Targi Kielce witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement with Confindustria Polonia. The memorandum was signed by the President of Targi Kielce's Management Board, Andrzej Mochoń PhD., and Alessandro Saglio, the Confidustria director.

Awards and distinctions of the ENEX expo

On the first day of the 21st Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair, EKOTECH witnessed the medals and distinctions awarding ceremony, recognising exhibitors' achievements.

The companies that received this year's EKOnowator award for the solutions and products:

  • MARSEPLAST  LLC for the SilverFLOW series biological sewage treatment plant in SBR technology
  • R3 Poland LLC for Recomat SMART RVM - a bottle machine for aluminium cans and PET collecting complemented with the RecomApp loyalty system, management and reporting software and warranty service; a comprehensive SMART RVM System, supporting the process of beverage packaging recovery.
  • GLOBTRAK POLAND for the Globtrak communal themes pack
  • EKORUM for the educational package - How to segregate waste?
  • IDEALBIN LLC for a smart container for selective waste collection
  • INTEREKO for the SmartBucket home kitchen waste composter - EcoCara
  • Testcom for the waste classifier

TOP DESIGN at Ekotech

ekotech-2022 Ekotech exhibitors also received TOP DESIGN awards and medals for elegance and innovative exhibition presentation style;  BERGMANN POLSKA and Brigade Electronics (Polska) LLC. The Top Design award for a creative, innovative, elegant and comprehensive expo presentation went to GoodWe Europe GmbH, Germany. In addition, the Top Design award for a collective representation of stands was presented to 4 ECO.

Unique jubilees

The exhibitors brought together for the municipal and energy industry meeting also witnessed some companies celebrating their jubilees in 2022;  they gained appreciation from the expos' organisers. This year's Ekotech witnessed the anniversary celebrations of:

- 5th anniversary of the Communal Technique magazine,

- the 10th anniversary of the Arena, Ekorum, the Polish Association of Vehicle Disassembly Stations, and the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster,

the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company's Polish representative and the 50th anniversary since the firm was created in Germany.

- 20th anniversary of Marseplast and ARTechnik,

- 25th anniversary of the  Business and Ecology magazine, Polish Ecology magazine

The International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo accompanied the Enex and ENEX New Energy and the 4Insulation International Insulation Fair.

We look forward to seeing you at the next edition of the Ekotech fair at Targi Kielce. Save the date for 2023.


24 february 2022
Conference "Challenges for the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Industry in 2022". "How to open a scrap purchase or vehicle disassembly station?" - these are the conference topics held during the two days' EKOTECH expo
24 february 2022
Together We Create Ecological Świętokrzyskie
23 february 2022
The first day of the fair of the 22nd Environmental Protection and Waste Management Fair EKOTECH witnessed the medals and distinctions awarding ceremony, the recognition for exhibitors’ achievements
23 february 2022
The exhibitors brought together for the meeting of the municipal and energy industry there are companies that celebrate their jubilees this year - they gave gained appreciation from the expos' organizers
23 february 2022
In addition to the presentation of the latest industry solutions, the EKOTECH International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo offers the opportunity to conclude important contracts and agreements
23 february 2022
EKOTECH International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo hosts Polish representatives of the municipal industry. The expo is held for the 22nd time. This year, the event brings together over 50 exhibitors - they are all environmental protection and waste management professionals. Practical waste segregation classes, an urban game and the latest technological solutions - this is just a fraction of this year's expo offer!
18 february 2022
The Media Partner of the EKOTECH Fair - Business and Ecology Magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary this year; to mark this occasion, many attractions and surprises await expo visitors at the editorial team's expo stand C-58 in Targi Kielce's expo halls. We look forwards to seeing you at Targi Kielce's on 23 and 24 February in Targi Kielce
14 february 2022
Brigade Electronics is a market leader in safety devices. The company’s comprehensive portfolio includes solutions to suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plants, regardless of the business sector. There is also a plethora of safety solutions for municipal vehicles; Ekotech expo visitors, we will become familiar with the offering
07 february 2022
MARSEPLAST - a producer of water and sewage products made of plastics. Over 30 years in business. MARSEPLAST will present its offer during the EKOTECH!
07 february 2022
Over 140 models of machines designed for summer and winter road maintenance: booms, flail mowers, working heads for boom arms, snowploughs, sand spreaders, and sweepers - this is part of the wide offer of SaMASZ, another EKOTECH exhibitor.
21 january 2022
A company which boasts over 50 years experience and tradition. Now the firm is on one of this year's Exhibitors - the municipal industry meetings. EKOTECH is the presentation arena for a barrel press and two baler models
17 january 2022
For many years, the municipal industry meetings have been complemented with the International Waste Management Forum organized by Ak Nova. This year's event is held on 23 February, on the first day of EKOTECH
14 january 2022
Robust city sweepers and tool carriers with a wide range of applications - this is part of the offer showcased by this EKOTECH Exhibitor. The municipal industry meeting welcomes the company presenting its five of its machines!
13 january 2022
The Ministry of Climate and Environment has prepared two new regulations regarding packaging waste recycling - they indicate, inter alia, target levels to be achieved in this respect in the following years and the conditions for calculating the weight of packaging waste
05 january 2022
Remondis Medison deals in transporting and disposing of medical waste, veterinary waste and other hazardous materials. Remondis Medison declared its presence at the municipal industry meeting!
27 december 2021
Innovative machines and technologies of renowned producers; technoligies ised for waste and biomass processing, as well as free consultations and technical training. These are some highlights from AGREX-ECO - one of the EKOTECH Exhibitors
21 december 2021
A supplier of cutting edge technologies related to the broadly defined maintenance, cleanliness and hygiene at work is one of the Exhibitors at the upcoming Ekotech Environmental Protection and Waste Management fair.
17 december 2021
The Łukasiewicz Research Network provides attractive, complete and competitive business solutions in automation, chemistry, biomedicine and ICT, and many other sectors. Organisational details and the institute's activities profile are to be presented at EKOTECH held on 23 and 24 February 2022
17 december 2021
SANTRADE is a long-term EKOTECH exhibitor; the upcoming edition of the expo also welcomes its returning partner. The company's stand is the stage for a wide offer targeted at owners of vehicle dismantling stations and metal recyclers, including companies dealing with the purchase and processing of metal scrap
15 november 2021
Ekotech is not only a place where you can see the latest equipment for environmental protection and waste management; tor years, the Kielce event has abounded in various types of conferences, including the International Waste Management Forum organised by AK NOVA
04 november 2021
Eco-innovators 2021 - the third edition of the nationwide competition addressed at the students scientific clubs and initiatives. The purpose of the competition is to select the most innovative students projects, as well as to select research clubs and students who stand out of the crowd owing to their scientific and organisational, pro-ecological activities. The competition is organised by the Institute of Sustainable Energy and co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science.
12 october 2021
Photovoltaic panels recycling is in its early stage in Poland. In our country, there are plants which collect used photovoltaic panels, however, there is very little waste of this kind. Recyclers should now collect larger amounts of used panels
21 september 2021
The Waste Management and Recycling Cluster organised a conference open for all, which featured the experts talking on plastics and innovations aimed at closing the circulation-loop of raw materials. The event proved to be very popular among those who could take part in the meeting both in a traditional form as well as in an on-line format