EKOTECH (29.04.2021)


Ekotech on-line packed with knowledge and novelties!

Targi Kielce has once again been pronounced the capital of innovations. Environment protection and waste management reigned supreme at  Ekotech expo, this time held in an on-line format. We still crave to have direct, face to face contacts. The web-based trade show made us feel as if we were at the fairgrounds for a moment.

The Ekotech expo in its traditional form used to be held at the end of February in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre. The annual event targeted at the environment protection and waste management industry attracts visitors from all over Poland.

Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible to organise the traditional trade show; however, the organisers did not give up. A virtual version of the trade fair was the best available option. The event was based on three pillars: industry conferences, product presentations and the EKONOVATOR awarding ceremony.

Waste storage and recovery - Ekotech problem-focused discussions

Over the years, conferences and seminars have become a real competitive advantage of the Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo, a real magnet that attracts Ekotech visitors. This time meetings were also put high on the priorities list. The event organisers held the two-panels session, which discussed waste transport, municipal waste storage and recovery.

The event kicked off with the conference scheduled in cooperation with Eneris Surowce; the standards for waste bin shelter were discussed in great details.  - As a matter of fact, we must be aware of the waste regulations in place. On the one hand, we are obliged to equip shelters with five containers.  On the other hand, we have construction law which gives very general guidelines on how to build a bin shelter. These regulations stipulate only the distances from windows and passageways. - Magdalena Sułek-Domańska introduced the conference participants into the debate.   - We have just commenced the discussion about the fact that shelters can be hygienic, can fit well in the urban space - added the Communication Director at Eneris Surowce.

The conference brought together representatives of cities which already boast modern waste storage solutions. These cities have had model waste shelters for a long time. In Strzegom and Katowice, the city officials have long been into waste management, organised appropriate space for municipal waste. Wojciech Gwizdak from the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland made a very important contribution to the discussions. Mr Gwizdak emphasised the significance of shelter designing in terms of waste transport and the possibility of waste pick-up by specialised vehicles.   

Energy and waste recovery 

Circular economy and waste recycling are important topics; the Ekotech on-line expo organisers could not have neglected the opportunity to put these into the limelight.  The "Let us close the raw materials' loop - waste to energy" conference attracted representatives of clusters, universities and legal experts.

The conference was moderated by Katarzyna Błachowicz from the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster, Academy of Recycling. The role of closing the waste cycle was strongly emphasised - We see great potential in waste, bio-waste management - said the session chair leader at the beginning of the meeting.

Jakub Pulka, PhD.  from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, told more about a waste-to-energy generation on the example of bio-waste used in biogas plants. The circular bioeconomy in the context of the cascade use of waste bio-resources was discussed by Engineer Danuta Ciechańska, PhD. Hab., a vice president of the board of the Bioeconomy Cluster Association. The new circular models are regarded an important aspect in the waste-to-energy process - Magdalena Muradin PhD. from the University of Economics in Poznań discussed this aspect in great details at Ekotech on-line. The conference proceedings were recapitulated by attorney  Katarzyna Wolny-Tomczyk of ECO LEGAL Attorneys and Legal Counsel House. The speaker presented the RDF potential and how much of the prospect is wasted in Poland.

Novelties and awards at Ekotech

The virtual Ekotech Expo offered much more than products presentations, ecological and municipal investments. The innovative solutions gained accolades and distinctions. 

This year's ECONOVATOR award was presented to three companies. The jury panel composed of experts recognised  T-Master for the Individual Waste Segregation System, HSM for the HSM V-Press 860E vertical baler and Bergmann Polska for the Roll-Packet RP7700-E (the version with electric drive).

The Bin Shelter Programme of the Energis Surowce also deserved a distinction. The jury panel emphasised the innovative nature of the programme, how much it benefits and enhances municipal waste collection in residential buildings. 

Ekotech invites you to the traditional meeting; join us in February 2022.


20 july 2021
There has been the medical waste increased volume during the pandemic period which has also triggered, and the costs increase for waste disposal and rendered harmless. However, experts indicate that medical waste disposal might be more economical
22 june 2021
In April, during the virtual edition of the Ekotech, the audience had the opportunity to participate in a conference on standards regarding bin shelters. The meeting co-organizer - Eneris Surowce, together with the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, prepared a guide that contains a number of practical guidelines, including a model for the appropriate size of a bin shelter.
29 april 2021
The Standard for Bin Shelters - it is time to put things in order! Conference - welcome! The meeting is organised by Eneris Surowce
29 april 2021
Targi Kielce launches the online, exceptional unveiling of the International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH
27 april 2021
The company's offer includes waste recycling installations comprehensive services - production, maintenance, modernization and assembly
27 april 2021
Polska Ekologia [Polish Ecology] is designed to exchange of information related to environmental protection and environmental education
27 april 2021
The company specialises in research and development projects, based on which it creates IT tools supporting waste management
26 april 2021
Apriva was established in 2010. The company specialises in the supply, assembly and commissioning of equipment for waste cleaning and management.
26 april 2021
AK NOVA is a Polish engineering company that offers consulting, design services and execution; the waste management sector comprehensive services
26 april 2021
Training sessions and webinars on waste management and recycling are a part of the Waste Management and Recycling Cluster's project.
22 april 2021
ENERIS is the Polish largest company operating in the municipal sector, for many years the company has been an active participant of the International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo. For over six years, the company has an active player in waste transport, waste storage and recycling business
22 april 2021
The T-Master Individual Waste Segregation System is a proprietary solution of a Polish technological company
19 april 2021
HSM Polska has been an exhibitor at Ekotech for many years, every year the company makes the best of the exhibition and presents new products, premieres. The latest developments entered the Targi Kielce products competition. Although the pandemic thwarts the events' organisers plans, Ekotech On-line has been cut out for exceptional times. EKOTECH online gives the opportunity to participate in the Eco-innovator competition
15 april 2021
The International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH has been granted the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management auspices. The event, which has brought together industry specialists for over 20 years, is exceptionally held in a virtual form this year
12 april 2021
"Let us close the raw materials' loop - waste to energy" - Targi Kielce, the Waste Management Cluster and the Recycling Academy welcome all interested participants - join the session! The meeting is held as part of Ekotech on-line
29 march 2021
Although the Ekotech fair cannot be held in its on-site form, the tradition must be followed - Eko-Nowator - the Ekotech expo's accolades will be awarded this year!
28 january 2021
Only 52 percent of Poles can properly segregate the waste they generate. According to a study conducted by the Symetria agency, Poles face the most problems with choosing the right container to put the waste in. Deodorant cans, milk cartons or light bulbs pose the greatest challenge. A lack of legible markings on the containers may be the reason for the situation
12 january 2021
Entrepreneurs placing packaged products on the Polish market pay the lowest recycling fees compared to other EU member-states. This causes a collapse in the secondary raw materials market, making selective waste collection unprofitable. The changes are to be brought about by the system of extended producer responsibility (ROP)
07 december 2020
In mid-November, the Sejm - lower chamber of the Polish Parliament adopted a draft act amending the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities. The adopted bill contains the preparation levels for reuse and recycling of municipal waste which communes will be obliged to achieve in the years 2021-2035.
26 november 2020
On 23 November the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka, will appoint the ministry advisory team to deal with waste management
24 november 2020
The Ministry of Climate and the Chief Sanitary Inspector have issued guidelines regarding waste management for refuse generated by households with COVID-19 infected members. The safety of people working in the waste management industry is paramount, so we encourage you to read the guidelines
18 september 2020
Recent months have demonstrated the importance of a safe, hygienic common space. This trend will undoubtedly see the continuation. The EKOTECH organisers have already noticed the trend and resolved to include the industry's section associated with cleaning and disinfecting machines into the expo's products and services range