eco-style targi produktów ekologicznych The Ecological Products Exhibition ECO-STYLE - much to the participants’ amazement and delight.

Culinary shows combined with food and beverage tasting, eco-cleaning workshops where no detergents and chemicals are needed, eco and organic cosmetics - this is just a teaser.
Attractions galore were offered for the 2019’s ECO-STYLE participants. This was the SLOW LIFE exhibition cluster part.  The singer Mela Koteluk was the featured guest of the event. 

The expo programme did moss out on invaluable advice on organic
and natural foods, herbal medicine, natural methods designed to support your body, natural medicine and relaxation in the bosom of nature

Participants were offered  lots of attractions, including culinary shows
by Krzysztof Zamczyk, the co-founder of the Świętokrzyskie Chefs and Cooks Foundation and Łukasz Jończyk. A culinary journey filled with original flavours and aromas. Culinary shows are cooking techniques presentation combined with knowledge about how to combine flavours, select appropriate herbs and spices to make our dish stand out and boost our wellbeing

produkty naturalne na targach eco-style

A clean apartment without harmful chemicals and detergents? It is possible!  Cco-cleaning products - this practical workshop gave its participants the chance to learn how to combat dirt in your home in the most efficient way without wasting time and money. II Ecological Products Exhibition ECO-STYLE included workshops on eco-cleaning. Ewa Kozioł from Zielony Zagonek, a nature lover, a blogger, the author of books and courses ran the session whose participants  made cleaning milk, antibacterial liquid and eco-powder, to name a few products.

"In a healthy body there is a healthy mind" - is banner under which the yoga workshops with Iwona Wenta was heldThe participants could learn how to get rid of stress and at the same time make their bodies more flexible.

Agnieszka Pleti talked about life in harmony with nature and environment. The Forest education - why do we need to be amazed by the world we live in? lecture was delivered by the home-schooling lover proponent and editor-in-chief of the KREDA Magazine.

The famous singer - Mela Koteluk was the featured guest of the event. She talked about the SLOW LIFE philosophy and about experiences related to life close to nature

The event was held from November 30 to December 1 2019 in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.

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