CRAFTS (10-11.04.2021)

10th International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition CRAFTS


Ladies and Gentlemen,

A volatile and dynamic epidemiological situation in our country, coupled with  a lack of information regarding the possible date of the meetings’ industry’s restart, we are forced to the April events, including the Handicraft show. Your health safety and security is our top priority. The new date of the flamboyant meeting which abounds with and talents will be announced the moment it is possible to plan events again. 

We do hope you understand and approve of our resolution to postpone the expo. We cannot wait to see the Targi Kielce expo halls become a full-house again, where exhibitors and visitors feel at home. We know that nothing can replace direct face to face meetings and conversation.

Yours sincerely
Targi Kielce Management Board




Fashionable and beautifully - Targi Kielce display

Workshops, lectures and demonstrations - inseparable elements of the International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition "Handicraft".

Handmade everyday use items have been gaining increased popularity; they are even more trendy every year.

Already next year, the exhibition halls will again fill with handicraftsmen from all over Poland, i.e. people who create handicraft. What's interesting, the trade show will also host foreign exhibitors – come, meet them and let them surprise you with genuine and original works. Thanks to the growing interest of artists from outside Poland, the event has advanced and been promoted to the rank of an international artistic event.

The upcoming, tenth unveiling of the International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition "Handicraft" offers new, genuine designs and unprecedented exhibitors. The trade-fair guests will have the chance to admire artists' works, look for inspirations and buy unique items on the spot.  Home decorations, exciting accessories for ladies, original porcelain and ingenious toys for children - all this and much more on display on flamboyant stalls galore.   The display will not fall short of surprise fashion collections. 

The tradition of the event is to offer handicraft workshops chaired by creators. Join live shows and learn how to make something out of nothing. This is a must-attend for every visitor Targi Kielce. Workshops, classes and activities are also prepared for the youngest visitors.


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