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rękodzieło - wiosna 2018 The handicrafts festival at Targi Kielce The Hand Made exhibition - 26 to 28 June.

The previous International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition  hosted nearly 5000 visitors.

The 9th International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition HANDMADE in its spring edition accompany the Home and Garden Fair. The December expo was the display for almost 250 exhibitors - the events brought together almost 5,000 visitors!



Shopping and workshops

The event guests are offered the opportunity to purchase unique handicraft products from all over Poland.  Handmade - much more than tablecloths and scarves - handicrafts means toys, jewellery and cosmetics.  The “return to natural” trend is clearly visible - the companies present wooden products - jewellery, accessories and decorated cutting boards. Following the previous editions example, workshops on macramé ornaments and lanterns will be a part of the Expo agenda - the participants learn the art of macrame decorations and create their first unique adornments.

rękodzieło - wiosna 2018 Exhibitors

The December event, in addition to exhibitors from all over Poland, the event hosted companies from Belarus. The exhibitors list included  Beata’s Jewellery, Studio Działań Kreatywnych, Galeria OKO, HONDO FOLK DESIGN, KORZA WOOD, Kuferek z pasją, Manufaktura Słodyczy "SAMA SŁODYCZ", OLDWOOD, YOOKA,  KREDA Magazine, Ruda Manufaktura, OTSO HANDMADE, NURSE DESIGN, Handicrafts  from Belarus, Chastnoe predpriyatie Agentstvo „Prazdnichnyj koktejl” and many, many more. 

Expo accompanying events: Residential Building Materials and Interior Design DOM, Garden and Allotment Fairs OGRÓD i TY, AGROTRAVEL & ACTIVE LIFE  Rural and Active Tourism Fair and  the International Health and Beauty Expo HEALTH & BEAUTY. 

We look forward to seeing at the Targi Kielce’s International Artistic Handicrafts Exhibition - 17-19 April 2020.

29 january 2020

The spring expo returns with new energy and even more workshops

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