26th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology and Non-Destructive Testing CONTROL-TECH

control-tech 2018 The CONTROL-TECH 2018 expo has gone down in history as a success! Successful 26th trade fair edition - measuring technology and non-destructive testing display at Targi Kielce

The last week of September was marked with the specialist Trade Fair of Industrial Measurement Technology and Non-Destructive Testing CONTROL-TECH.  For years  the event has been extremely popular in the industry - this year 48 companies from 6 countries showcased at the CONTROL-TECH.

The CONTROL-TECH expo is a part of the events cluster held under the banner of the "Industrial Autumn". Kielce exhibition and congress centre hosted manufacturers of measuring instruments and appliances , special use machines and non-destructive testing apparatuses already for the twentieth time. The presentations were enhanced with the useful software systems for computer-aided quality assurance systems as well as and opto-electronics.

Targi Kielce's September event held from 25 to 27 September was the showcase for a whole array of companies, and  among them the Support and Anitepo Group.  Both companies specialize in consulting, trainings for expert and business-insiders as well as measuring devices services. CONTROL-TECH exhibitors are the companies which operate on European markets - the expo participants emphasises the expo importance for the whole industry.

control-tech 2018 Knowledge-packed expo

The CONTROL-TECH has been highly appreciated and recognised by professionals and experts.  The Polish Centre for Testing and Certification and the Office of Technical Inspection have again granted their patronage to the Fair of Industrial Measurement Technology and Non-Destructive Testing CONTROL-TECH 2018 in Kielce.The auspices is the token of appreciation for the event organisers and recognises the expo significance for the whole industry and business sector. 

These and other institutions have highly appreciated the conferences substantive level. CONTROL-TECH abounds with specialises sessions.  This year, visitors were offered the seminar organised by the Kielce University of Technology - the good metrological practices, reliable measurements results of the geometric structures of the surface were in the limelight at the conference. 

There were also workshops - the participants were given the opportunity ti try and test  the reliability of Hitachi High Tech spectrometers (Oxford Instruments) - the session was organised by PCB Service.  For over 20 years PCB Service has offered its customers materials and equipment for non-destructive testing and

The "Measurements in remote visual examinations. Real 3D Measurement - 3D RVI modelling’ workshops were also an important part of the expo agenda.  The workshop organiser - Everest VIT is the exclusive equipment distributor (currently Baker&Hughes and GE Company). 

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