CONTROL-STOM 2020 in autumn unveiling

CONTROL-STOM Trade Fair of Industrial Measurement Technology and Non-Destructive Testing 2020 is held with other "Industrial Spring" events. The Kielce STOM Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies, EXPO-SURFACE, KIELCE FLUID POWER, WIRTOPROCESES, WELDING, TEiA and 3D PRINT DAYS  were exceptionally postponed until the autumn in the year of the pandemic.

The CONTROL-STOM Expo is one Central and Eastern Europe's most important events for business sector of industrial measuring technologies. CONTROL-STOM has become an indispensable part of Targi Kielce's exp offer.  The annual exhibition was complemented with demonstrations of the cutting-edge equipment and measuring devices.  The events cluster attracted 3.5 thousand visitors. 

The next industry meeting in the Kielce exhibition and congress centre is scheduled to be held in March 2021. We are looking forward to seeing you at Kielce shows!


23 september 2020
The first day of industrial exhibitions cluster saw the gala evening - medals and awards awarding ceremony
23 september 2020
30 September marks the Evatronix webinar on "Automatic 3D quality control systems."
22 september 2020
The industry-specific STOM exhibitions cycle along with accompanying events, is now staged at Targi Kielce - 22 to 24 September
21 september 2020
The series of industrial exhibitions under the banner of STOM is held at Targi Kielce in March; every consecutive year the event's importance for the global industry has been enhanced. In the year of the pandemic, the world economy has suffered from crisis and weakening. Business meetings are held at exceptional dates, postponed to September. Now talk-shop session may prove to be a flywheel for many industries
14 september 2020
The company will present a digital microscope and the latest defectoscope - CONTROL-STOM Expo is the display
14 september 2020
The second expo day (23 September) of the CONTROL-STOM Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology witnesses the NNT workshops
14 september 2020
22 September in Targi Kielce marks the commencement of the Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies - world-famous and highly appreciated expo cluster packed with accompanying events
28 may 2020
MagStress5c - fifth generation stress measurement device on show in September at Targi Kielce
01 april 2020
The trade fair industry is one of the most severely affected business sectors - corona-virus spread hit hard - no expos have been held for several weeks. You can read about the impact of this situation on industrial trade fairs in the MM Industrial Magazine’s feature
18 february 2020
A high-resolution digital stereoscopic microscope DRV-Z1 presented at at the CONTROL-STOM 2020 by the Poznań based company
17 february 2020
CONTROL-STOM Industrial Measuring Technology Fair 2020 abounds with new products. Endo-Tech is here to present the cutting-edge developments at its expo stand
28 january 2020

The conference dedicated to maintenance departments management and employees is held on the last day of the STOM Expo - the session is organised by ELAMED.

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