AGROTECH (18-20.03.2022)

27th International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH

The Agrotech expo - a milestone for the economic development

maszyny rolnicze na targach agrotech Following many year of tradition, the 27th edition of the Agrotech agricultural expo also hosted agricultural companies from around the world. The Exhibitors presented tractors, combined harvesters, orchard machines, grain silos, fertilisers and agricultural means. The event made huge waves among agricultural milieus.

The three expo days welcomed almost 50,000 industry visitors. Three hundred fifty companies from 11 countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, the USA and Italy, exhibited in 9 expo halls' 30,000 sq m of exhibition space. The trade fair hosted  John Deere and Case from the USA, Zetor from the Czech Republic and McCormick from Italy, to name just a few companies. There was also a strong Polish representation,   Kabat, SaMASZ, Stomil Sanok, Horpol and many others marked their presence.

This year's Agrotech witnessed the of, inter alia, the autonomous agricultural robot ROBOTTI 150D by the Danish company Agrointelli and the new T7 HD tractor from New Holland. It is worth mentioning that New Holland's exhibition took over the entire G exhibition hall this year. Mercedes Benz presented a new version of its flagship agricultural machine - the Unimog.

Targi Kielce without restrictions

1 March marks the lift-off of epidemic related limits and restrictions; new regulations apply in the whole country. The president of Targi Kielce, Andrzej Mochoń, considers it a very good sign for the trade fairs development, including the Kielce exhibition and congress centre.

- We find it important to learn that the covid restrictions have been lifted and are no longer applicable in expo spaces. Epidemiological surveys will thus no longer be needed; however, what is even more important is that the number of people allowed into exhibition halls is no longer subject to restrictions. This makes it possible for the trade fair to spread its wings. Agrotech Expo will benefit from this situation in particular - says Andrzej Mochoń.

Agriculture - a crucial sector of the economy

targi rolnicze agrotech w kielcach The first expo day was graced with the presence of the Under-secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Krzysztof Ciecióra.  - Food is a priority and thus should be focused on,  which also requires care for farmers, both large and small enterprises - stated Undersecretary Krzysztof Ciecióra.  - A stable situation in agriculture requires the reconfiguration of supply chains. The Kielce expo plays, therefore an essential role in achieving this goal. As a farmer, I have often visited Agrotech. This is where I could test the equipment and make the appropriate purchase decision.

The Agrotech Expo offers much more than a commercial space; the expo is also the educational centre;  following many years example, the Kielce agricultural show hosts training sessions and lectures organised by both private companies and official institutions. This educational offer makes it possible for farmers to acquire knowledge and develop skills, which come in handy in everyday practice. Agrotechu also witnessed the  Young Agricultural Producers Olympics 2022 and the Meeting of the Świętokrzyskie Chamber of Agriculture.

Agrotech has its exceptional place in the media

The second day of Agrotech witnessed the meeting of agricultural industry influencers related;  the get-together was attended by over a hundred visitors. The meeting featured guests -  YouTubers Arek "Perqins" Zając, Mateusz "MAtheo780" Misiak and the winner of the "Farm" TV show Kuba Wojnowski talked about agriculture. After the meeting, the fans had a chance to chat with the special guests and take some selfies.

The Agrotech Expo has always been an event that has enjoyed extensive media coverage, attracting the attention of journalists from all over the country. In addition to the presence of industry media, such as New Forest Gazette, Farmer, Agricultural Advice Weekly, TVP television station installed its on-site studio. Radio Kielce reported live from a mobile broadcast studio.

Agrotech Awards

The afternoon of the first day of the exhibitions was marked by a gala awarding ceremony of the 27  International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2021. and the Timber Industry & Forest Resources Management Fair.

agrotech przyciąga tłumy rolników The Jury Panel of the AGROTECH Expo was chaired by the director of the Warsaw branch of the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, State Research Institute in Falenty, Engineer  Andrzej Seliga PhD. The nine Gold Medals and four distinctions were awarded for the best products presented at the trade fair. Krzysztof Ciecióra, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry, presented the Cup of Henryk Kowalczyk, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The products presented at the LAS-EXPO were also awarded. TOP DESIGN awards granted for an attractive and modern way of expo presentation were the ones to generate avid interest.

The President of the Farmers' Social Security Fund, Aleksandra Hadzik PhD, presented the diplomas and DOBROSŁAW statuettes symbolising care about the farmers' work safety - the Tribute to Agri Producers.

The gala was also the occasion to present the Grand Brix awarded by all Producer Groups associating ground tomato producers, as well as individual farmers and BASF Polska complemented with the Nunhems seed brand - a part of BASF Company. 

Magdalena Borowiec-Wieczorek, President of the Main Board of the Scientific and Technical Association of Agricultural Engineers and Technicians, awarded AGROIMPULS statuettes to the team of constructors and the manufacturer for their innovative technical solutions and solution implementation. The Cup of the President of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers, Wiktor Szmulewicz was also bestowed.

The prizes were also awarded to the winners of the 1st edition of the Polish Secondary Schools Competition in Precision Agriculture.

19 march 2022
The afternoon of the first day of the exhibitions was marked by a gala awarding ceremony of the 27 International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2021. and the Timber Industry & Forest Resources Management Fair.
19 march 2022
Arek "Perqins" Zając, Mateusz "MAtheo780" Misiak and the winner of the "Farm" TV show, Kuba Wojnowski, were featured guests of this year's Agrotech. The gentlemen met the fans on the second day of the trade fair
19 march 2022
Since early morning crowds of visitors have lined up at the entrance gates of Targi Kielce; this is the commencement of the second day of the Agrotech expo.
18 march 2022
Krzysztof Ciecióra - Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development referred to the current situation on agricultural markets in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine. The Targi Kielce management board emphasised that the organisation of trade fairs is of key importance considering today’s situation.
18 march 2022
The International Fair of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH has commenced. Every year, the trade fair brings together the most important producers and distributors of agricultural equipment; exhibitors come from Poland and the world.
18 march 2022
As many as seventy winners of provincial qualifiers take part in the 39th National Finals of Young Agricultural Producers Olympics held within the scope of the AGROTECH expo. First, the participants’ knowledge and skills are tested; they sit a written examination followed by practical skills check
14 march 2022
Precision farming is one of the most exciting models of running a modern farm; this post describes the key benefits of so-called smart farming
11 march 2022
The Polish manufacturer of lamps for the agriculture and automotive industry - Horpol joins AGROTECH 2022 exhibitors milieus in Kielce
09 march 2022
The Danish Agrointelli will present its ROBOTTI 150D agricultural robot at Agrotech 2022
04 march 2022
New Holland tractors showcased at this year's Agrotech will not only be showcased here, but will also occupy the entire exhibition hall. In addition, there will be a plethora of novelties
28 february 2022
Stomil Sanok Dystrybucja will exhibit Harvest Belts and Garden Belts products at this year's Agrotech 2022
24 february 2022
The offer of forage machines and technological innovations will be showcased at the SaMASZ expo stand. SaMASZ is yet another Polish company that will exhibit at this year's AGROTECH 2022 agricultural expo
11 february 2022
Kabat - a Polish producer of agricultural and industrial tires joins the exhibitors' fellowship at this year's Agrotech expo at Targi Kielce
10 february 2022
Zetor, SIP and AGCO - these are just some international concerns whose offer will be showcased at this year's AGROTECH Agricultural Expo in Targi Kielce. Polish exhibitors have also confirmed their presence
01 february 2022
Entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the tax relief for the expansion and development of companies. Expo participation is included in the scheme. Companies will pay much lower income tax when making use of this opportunity!