Targi Kielce listed among the supporting members for the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers

12 november 2020
The Kielce exhibition and congress centre has been running expo and trade show projects related to the infrastructure and construction industry for several decades. The PZPB membership creates an additional opportunity to create systemic solutions and to submit postulates which may prove crucial for creating the economic reality of Poland

The Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers is a nationwide organisation which brings together companies from the infrastructure and construction industry, those professionally involved in comprehensive implementation of investments, including development and design companies and companies producing construction materials. The PZPB activities encompass consulting legal acts which regulate economic activity in the areas of infrastructure and construction, creating conditions for effective B2B relations and organisation of national and international conferences.

Targi Kielce offers the power of direct meetings during industry events. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre’s aim is to create events which meet the expectations of the entire sector, expand the industry and knowledge-base scope of the events and adjust their format to the changes taking place. Targi Kielce membership in the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers not only allows to achieve these goals, but also gives the opportunity to participate in creating the future of infrastructure and construction business sector in a most direct way.

 Membership certificate of Targi Kielce in PZBP


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