10th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO

The KIELCE BIKE-EXPO – back in the saddle already for 10th time. Let us celebrate together.

targi rowerowe bike-expo There upcoming 10th International Fair of Bicycle Industry KIELCE BIKE-EXPO is a truly special event

The Central and Eastern Europe’s largest and most important industry exhibition dedicated to bicycles  held from 19 to 21 September 2019 in Kielce brings together cycling trips enthusiasts, shop owners and bicycle and parts manufacturers.

For years Kielce Bike Expo has been one-stop-shop for Poland’s entire cycling business sector;  last year’s expo was the showcase for 230 exhibitors from all over the world. The expo stands were the display for the largest and most recognizable brands, their flagship products and products première presentations.


The previous Kielce Bike Show ended in great success

Last year's Kielce BIKE-EXPO hosted exhibitors from 15 countries from all corners of the world. Germany, Italy, Spain and India were among those exhibiting at the show. following the expo well-established traditions, the first two expo days were held in the B2B format and solely intended for industry visitors. The third exhibition was open to all bike enthusiasts. The event was visited by nearly 7.5 thousand guests - shop and sales platforms owners, bicycle services representatives and also two-wheelers fans. The visitors abundance included the famous sports-people, and among them Rita Malinkiewicz - Polish MTB representative, Katarzyna Burek - Polish Enduro Champion and Sonia Skrzypik - Polish Downhill Champion. The Polish producers were the core of the exhibitors. 170 companies from our country showcased their products ranging from classic and electric bikes through spare parts, finishing with bike lights.


rowery na targach bike-expo Targi Kielce - the training and coaching arena

The Targi Kielce BIKE EXPO is Poland’s only place of this type - a true meetings platform for the whole bicycle industry. Shops and bicycle services owners were offered the opportunity to attend the industry dedicated trainings. Jan Kubica - a certified master coach and  mentor looks forward to seeing you at the effective business management coaching classes and training targeted at managerial staff -  the workshop is a perfect choice for  bosses and managers, all those who manage staff in shops and whole-sale outlets. On the other hand, the coaching session is targeted at those responsible for the company's development and its profitability increase, i.e. shop owners, chairmen and directors. The meeting with Jan Kubica  is the chance for entrepreneurs to learn ways to optimize sales processes and how to talk shop when meeting clients.

Jan Kubica coaching and training meetings are held for two days of the KIELCE BIKE-EXPO, i.e. in 19 and 20 September 2019.



The Kielce BIKE-EXPO Academy agenda includes a series of trainings held for the whole expo durations - these are three separate modules targeted at:

  • I bicycle shops and repair-shops
  • II shop owners
  • III bicycle equipment producers.

The Targi Kielce Academy is the guarantee that the attendees’ theoretical knowledge expands. This will be enhanced with practical technical skills and hands-on experience improvement. The trainings and workshops participants will receive certificates.

Producers can choose from strategic management classes. Shop owners may make use of trainings related to the online sales development with the use of omni-channel techniques and risks assessment.


pokazy na targach rowerowych kielce bike-expo Novelties showcased at the jubilee edition of the Kielce bicycle show

For years the Kielce BIKE EXPO  has attracted the greatest and leading bicycle brands. Targi Kielce is where brands representatives decide to stage premiere products presentations and market launches. The upcoming jubilee edition will abound with premieres and new developments galore. The best products on show win the BIKE AWARDS. Following the many-year practice, a professional jury panel apprises the products registered for the competition.



Tge MTB Bike Atelier Marathon 2019 comprises as many as twelve races, two more compared to the previous year’s edition. The series has been gaining a growing popularity; the upcoming Kielce BIKE-EXPO will host the series too. According to Dariusz Leśniewski, the event organiser this year's marathon will be even better than ever - contestants race at the distances which suits best their individual skills and abilities. Each consecutive event is also the opportunity to have a family meeting as the event abounds with races for children programme.

The Kielce stage of the MTB Bike Atelier Marathon is held on September 21.More information can be found at www.bikeateliermaraton.pl.


Kielce BIKE-EXPO - not only for business-insiders

On 19 and 20 September 2019 the Kielce exhibition and congress centre hosts the indistry professionals, i.e. bicycle shops owners, service companies staff and cyclists. The last expo day (this year this is 21.09) traditional welcomes the general public Therefore the last expo accord abounds with attractions, shows and meetings which feature interesting people.

We invite all bike lovers to join the unique Kielce BIKE-EXPO held from 19 to 21 September 2019 in Targi Kielce.